Three Reasons to Go Organic

There are probably a few dozen reasons that I could think of why people should go organic but I only get limited space here so I’ll just give you the top three reasons why I think that going organic is the thing to do.

Reason #1: Decrease the toxic load. The fact is that buying organic food as well as buying other “green” products makes the world less toxic for all living things, including but not limited to humans. Today there is only about ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of the land that is dedicated to agriculture that uses organic farming and ranching methods. If you do the math, that means that 99.5% of the land that is dedicated to agriculture does NOT use organic farming and ranching methods. That is one serious toxic load for the world to carry. We CAN do better, and the way that we will do better is if the consumer insists that the food that we eat be raised without the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and drugs.

Reason #2: Reduce pollution. Have you ever thought about what happens to those toxic pesticides and fertilizers after they are used? They don’t evaporate into thin air. Some of the chemicals in them become airborne. They pollute the air of towns and cities miles away from where they were used. The ones that don’t become airborne are washed away when it rains, and the runoff goes into the streams and rivers that supply the drinking water for all of us.

Reason #3: Bring our kids into a cleaner world. Sadly, babies are now exposed to the toxic risk of pesticides, fertilizers, and drugs before they are even born. The “tolerance” levels that have been established for the use of these toxic substances are based upon adults – not tiny babies that haven’t even been born yet.

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