Why Eat Organic?

Most people who choose to eat organic do so for the simple reason of good health. They want to eliminate the threat of poisonous pesticides, fertilizers, and drugs that are used to produce most of the food that in on the super market shelves.

Food is meant as fuel for the body. That’s what it is basically for. But if the food is not safe – if it is covered with pesticides and filled with drugs then it becomes poison rather than fuel.

The fact is that the general public has no idea of where the food that they eat each day comes from. They don’t know who grows it or raises it or what methods are used. They don’t even know what country it comes from.

In today’s world of tainted medicines, toys painted with lead-based paint, and fish caught in sewage canals that is coming out of China, it is time for all of us to get concerned. It seems to me that there are ample reasons for all of us to insist that our food supply is safe. Beef, even

beef that is grown in the United States, is raised by ranchers who regularly give their cattle antibiotics and growth hormones, and all of the beef that is imported is raised using antibiotics and growth hormones.

Vegetables that are grown in the United States are mostly raised used commercial pesticides and commercial fertilizers. Those pesticides and fertilizers are still on those fruits and vegetables when they are being displayed in the produce section of your favorite neighborhood grocer. U.S. farmers can no longer use DDT, but it is not outlawed in other countries, and many of the fruits and vegetables that we eat are raised in other countries.

Yes, you will pay more for “certified organic” foods, but they could just save your life and the lives of your children.

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