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Last Word on Coffee: It’s Good for You!

We have written extensively about the health benefits of coffee. While there are still a few naysayers, here is the last word on coffee: it’s good for you! The Annual Review of Nutrition published a comprehensive review entitled Coffee, Caffeine, and Health Outcomes: an Umbrella Review. Here is the short version. To evaluate the associations […]


Organic Coffee with Coconut Oil

Do you like whipped cream atop your coffee? Unfortunately this does not work out well for most people on earth. Three fourths of the world’s population cannot consume dairy products without intestinal upset. This is referred to as lactose deficiency in Northern Europe and North American where three fourths of the population is genetically tolerant […]


Drink a Cup of Coffee to Your Health

International Coffee Day is Saturday, September 29th. Drink a cup of coffee to your health. The internet is full of reduced price ads at various coffee shop outlets. But, no matter where you have your coffee and whether you like regular or healthy organic coffee drink a cup of coffee to your health. Remember that […]