Organic Coffee with Coconut Oil

Do you like whipped cream atop your coffee? Unfortunately this does not work out well for most people on earth. Three fourths of the world’s population cannot consume dairy products without intestinal upset. This is referred to as lactose deficiency in Northern Europe and North American where three fourths of the population is genetically tolerant of milk, cream and other dairy products. But that still means that a fourth of the U.S. population and three fourths of the world cannot add milk or cream to their coffee or enjoy a whipped cream topping on their organic coffee espresso. Here is where organic coffee with coconut oil comes to the rescue. Food Dive writes about Café Whip, a coconut whipped cream!

Rich’s Products Corporation introduced the first whipped topping made with coconut milk, according to Perishable News. It contains coconut milk, coconut oil and sunflower oil.

The new topping, called Cafe Whip, is vegan and kosher pareve. It is made with sugar, has no hydrogenated oils, and is lower fat than sweetened and flavored heavy whipping cream.

This coconut milk topping could have many uses, but it was developed for coffee shops.

We wrote recently about how millennials drink coffee and like coffee house coffees, organic and generally higher quality. And since a large proportion of U.S. coffee drinkers and a much greater proportion of coffee drinkers outside of North America and Northern Europe don’t drink milk there is an expanding market for dairy alternatives. This market is dominated by soy, almond and rice products but now coconut milk is making inroads. So, if you don’t do well with milk products but love a little “whipped cream” atop your java, think organic coffee with coconut oil.


Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee with Coconut Whipping


And is there anything else in the organic coffee and coconut oil realm?

Start Your Coffee Aroma Wake-up in the Shower

An interesting place where organic coffee and coconut oil can meet is in homemade soap! The Alternative Daily tells how to make vanilla bean and coffee soap which includes coconut oil.

You might be wondering why you should consider making this soap when there are so many homemade soaps to choose from. Well, if you love the smell of fresh coffee with a hint of vanilla, then this recipe is for you!

Soap-making is so simple these days. Thanks to the melt-and-pour soap process, you can have a batch whipped up in no time. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing. To get that heavenly aroma, you don’t even have to use fresh grounds for this recipe – consider using your leftover grounds from this morning’s brew.

The ingredients for this homemade soap include white melt and pour unscented soap, coconut oil, coffee grounds and vanilla beans. The article has instructions.

Interestingly you can make this with used coffee grounds, which is another way to avoid sending the coffee grounds to the landfill. So, if you want to start your coffee experience in the shower while the java is brewing try this soap and if you love whipped cream atop your coffee but without the cream, think organic coffee with coconut oil-based whipping cream.

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