Is Coffee Good for You?

We drink a lot of coffee. It is the official wake up drink. The USA consumes 4.2 Kilograms of coffee per person per year. Eighty-three percent of adults in the USA drink coffee and sixty-three percent drink coffee every day. But, is coffee good for you? The health effects of drinking coffee are pretty good. Read on to find out more about how coffee is good for you. And read to learn especially how organic coffee is even better!

Coffee and Health

Scientific research tells us that drinking coffee reduces the risk of Type II diabetes, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, glaucoma, depression, suicide, skin cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and gall stones. Is coffee good for you? Looks like it is. For one to experience the health benefits of drinking coffee one need to drink coffee every day and usually one needs to drink two, three, or more cups a day. The keys to the health benefits of coffee are the antioxidants.

Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit cell damage and cell death in human cells which normally come from oxidative breakdown of other molecules in the cell. Oxidation is a factor in sickness and aging. Antioxidants help prevent damage caused by excessive oxidation and to a degree inhibit the process of aging. When an oxidative reaction brought on by disease gets going it produces free radicals that start chain reactions which in turn cause cell and tissue damage. The human body has or uses antioxidants to control this situation. Coffee antioxidants fall into the class of molecules that help reduce oxidation.  A specific antioxidant is methylpyridium. It is formed from the chemical trigonelline when coffee beans are roasted. Methylpyridium increases the activity of phase II enzymes with help protect against colon cancer.

Healthy Organic Coffee

Is coffee good for you? Yes, it is. And is organic coffee even better? Healthy organic coffee is free of the up to 133 impurities often found in regular coffee. Research by the Australian Food Standards Authority showed that as many as one hundred thirty-three contaminants can be in a cup of commercially available coffee. These include metals like aluminum and zinc, pesticide residues, ochratoxin A, acrylamide, furan, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are found to cause cancer. Furans have been associated with skin disorders, liver problems, certain kinds of cancers, impairment to the reproductive, endocrine, and immune system, as well as effects on embryonic development. Drink organic coffee grown by sustainable agricultural practices and avoid the intake of pesticide and herbicide residues with your morning brew.

Is Coffee Good for You?

Coffee wakes you up in the morning and peps you up during the day. Along the way the antioxidants in coffee do things to help prolong your life, avoid degenerative disease, alleviate depression, and generally make things better. Organic coffees do all of this and they do not include the impurities that can be found in regular commercially available coffee. If you want the best of all possible worlds, drink organic coffee.

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