Health Effects of Drinking Coffee

Every month of so there seem to be more positive health effects of drinking coffee. We have always known that drinking healthy organic coffee is good for you because of its lack of impurities and high quality. But in recent years medical research has demonstrated that health effects of drinking coffee include a reduced risk of Type II diabetes, lower cancer risk, less depression, a reduced risk of suicide, fewer gall stones, and even a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. What follows is a short list of the health effects of drinking coffee.

Drink Coffee and Get Less Cancer

The primary reason that coffee consumption seems to reduce the risk of various cancers is that coffee contains antioxidants. Regular and organic coffee antioxidants are molecules that inhibits the cell damage and cell death in human cells caused by oxidative breakdown of other molecules in the cell. Oxidation is a factor in sickness and aging. Antioxidants help prevent the damage caused by excessive oxidation and to a degree inhibit the aging process. When an oxidative reaction brought on by disease gets going it produces free radicals that start chain reactions which in turn cause cell and tissue damage. The human body has or uses antioxidants to control this situation.

Here is a list of cancers that appear to have a lower incidence on coffee drinkers:


Colon Cancer


Endometrial Cancer


Prostate Cancer


Skin Cancer


Diabetes Incidences Is Reduced in Coffee Drinkers

Drinking four cups of coffee a day appears to reduce the chances of getting Type II Diabetes by about a half. Research has shown that drinking coffee increases levels of sex hormone-binding globulin which in turn appears to reduce the incidence of diabetes

Depression and the Incidence of Suicide Are Both Helped by Drinking Coffee

Everyone knows that a morning cup of coffee is a good way to wake up and that a good mid-day pick-me-up is coffee. Now research shows that one of the health effects of drinking coffee is that it reduces the risk of depression b y about a fifth. Another of the health effects of drinking coffee is a reduced reduced risk of suicide in steady coffee drinkers. Drinking from two to four cups of coffee a day is associated with a fifty percent lower risk of suicide when compared to those who were not coffee drinkers.

Degenerative Brain Diseases Avoided by Drinking Coffee

For those who are concerned about the debilitating neurologic disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, help is not only on the way but help has always been there in the form a few cups of coffee each day. Researchers have discovered a reduced incidence of Parkinson’s disease and hope for those prone to Alzheimer’s in drinking coffee. Research has shown than drinking a cup of coffee a day is related to a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s than with non-coffee drinkers. More recent work shows that the reduction in the incidence of Alzheimer’s goes up with the number of cups of coffee that a person drinks each day.

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