Reduced Endometrial Cancer Incidence in Coffee Drinkers

Researchers have noted a reduced endometrial cancer incidence in coffee drinkers. Data from the Harvard School of Public Health Nurses’ Health Study indicates that high coffee consumption is related to a twenty-five percent lower incidence of cancer of the lining of the uterus, endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer is the most common type of cancer of the uterus. The incidence of this disease is related to estrogen levels. High levels of coffee consumption have been found to be related to lowered estrogen levels. The cancer most commonly is seen in women between ages 60 and 70 but can be seen in women before the age of 40. Two risk factors for endometrial cancer that have to do with drinking coffee are diabetes (high insulin levels) and estrogen replacement therapy. Researchers have known for some time that more coffee or more organic coffee can lead to less diabetes . Likewise, higher coffee consumption tends to be associated with lower estrogen levels, which is the other reason researchers believe that coffee consumption results in a reduced endometrial cancer incidence in coffee drinkers.

Researchers will not say that a reduced endometrial cancer incidence in coffee drinkers is a matter of cause and effect. This because drinking coffee or not, in this case, is matter of personal selection. To pass the strict scientific criteria needed to report a cause and effect of reduced endometrial cancer incidence in coffee drinkers women would have to be randomly assigned to coffee drinking and non-coffee drinking groups. Nevertheless, the one forth reduction in incidence of this type of cancer in female coffee drinkers is statistically significant and highly suggestive of cause and effect. The real life problem here would be to convince coffee drinkers to not drink coffee for a decade or so and convince those who do not like coffee to drink it for a decade in order to decide if the same results appear in a randomized study. This is a disease with an incidence of over 40,000 new cases a year in the USA alone. The good news that drinking more coffee is associated with less endometrial cancer is another piece of good news about coffee and healthy organic coffee .

To achieve the results of this study researchers followed women for more than a quarter of a century. They asked a variety of questions about health and habits. An interesting part of the study is that drinking decaf coffee was also associated with a reduced incidence of endometrial cancer. Thus researchers believe that substances such as regular and organic coffee antioxidants are largely responsible for the favorable effects of coffee consumption in this case. Researchers warned that taking a lot of cream and sugar with your coffee may reduce the effectiveness of the coffee as too much cream and sugar can raise insulin levels in diabetics. The consumption of coffee has also been found to be associated with lower incidence of both prostate cancer and colon cancer. The effect in both cases is believed to be related to the antioxidants found in both green coffee beans and those produced when roasting coffee. These findings have come to light from studies similar to this one that showed a reduced endometrial cancer incidence in coffee drinkers. Groups of individuals are followed for years and data collected. These studies produce real world results and useful information for those interested in their health.

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