Drinking Coffee Reduces the Risk of Depression

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression according to recently published research. An article published in volume 171 of the Archives of Internal Medicine by a team of Harvard researchers showed a lower incidence of depression in women who reported drinking at least four cups of coffee a day as compared to women who reported drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee or less each day. The difference was a twenty percent reduction in incidence of new depression in the high end coffee drinkers. The study included 50,000 women who were free of depression at the start of the study and subjects were followed over a decade. The same researcher demonstrated years ago that male coffee drinkers (five cups a day) have a reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. The study merely demonstrates that drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression. It does not say why drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression. What is clear is that the coffee needs to contain caffeine as decaf drinkers did not enjoy the same results. For those interested in the health benefits of drinking coffee we suggest healthy organic coffee. The benefits, in this case, of caffeine to reduce the chances of depression, are coupled with the reduction of the many contaminants that can be found in regular coffee.

Like drinking regular coffee more organic coffee can lead to less colon cancer and drinking organic coffee reduces prostate cancer risk as well. Although no one really knows why coffee drinking reduces depression there is speculation that nerve stimulation from caffeine may in some way keep nerves healthy. The researchers mentioned above merely say that more research is needed. For many of the other health benefits of organic coffee it appears that antioxidants can take the credit. Coffee, especially roasted coffee, contains a number of chemicals, called antioxidants, which work to reduce oxidative degeneration in many body systems. There is speculation that antioxidants can retard the effects of age as well. The nice part of drinking organic coffee is that one can enjoy the beneficial health effects of coffee and avoid the trace amounts of herbicides and insecticides as well as synthetic fertilizer residue that come with a cup of regular coffee. It is not only that drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression but that by drinking organic coffee you do not need to get depressed about the impurities that can show up in regular coffee.

A major health effect of drinking USDA organic coffee is that more organic coffee can lead to less diabetes. Researchers have shown that routine coffee drinking in the four cup a day range can reduce the incidence of Type II diabetes. A study from UCLA showed that women who drank four or more cups of coffee a day had half the risk of getting Type II diabetes when compared to those who did not drink coffee. Drinking coffee raises level of a hormone called sex hormone-binding globulin which in turn is related to lower incidence of Type II diabetes. While you are enjoying our morning, noon, afternoon, and evening cups of organic coffee you can remind yourself that caffeine and organic coffee antioxidants are also good for your health and drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression. And remember that drinking organic coffee promotes sustainable agriculture and better wages for the families that run small coffee farms throughout the world.

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