Less Diabetes with Daily Organic Coffee

According to a study published recently in the Nutrition Journal, five cups of coffee daily improve liver and metabolic function. Two years ago research reported in the medical journal Archives of Internal Medicine noted that three to four cups of coffee a day will reduce the risk of getting Type II diabetes by a forth. Healthy organic coffee is known to be rich in various types of antioxidants. Coffee grown under sustainable growing conditions has fewer unwanted contaminants as well. What we address here is the growing body of evidence that coffee, especially caffeinated coffee, has previously unseen benefits. Less diabetes with daily organic coffee is only part of the story. There is documented scientific evidence indicating help with colon and prostate cancer as well.

The recently published study in the Journal of Nutrition is entitled, Effects of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee on biological risk factors for type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial. The authors of the study note that it has been known for a few years that coffee drinkers have a lower incidence of Type II diabetes but the precise reason has been unclear. In their study the authors asked 45 healthy, non-smoking volunteers to drink five cups of caffeinated coffee, decaf, or water daily. This went on for eight weeks. In the end doctors found that caffeinated coffee drinkers has improved levels of three separate substances, adiponectin, interleukin-6, and fetuin-A. The conclusion of these researchers is that improvement in liver function may be why consumption of caffeinated coffee has a beneficial effect on the incidence of diabetes. The benefits of coffee consumption are documented in many scientific studies. The relative purity of organic coffee with its organic coffee antioxidants has been recognized for some time. Thus the advantage of less diabetes with daily organic coffee is simply an additional benefit on top of what comes with drinking sustainably grown organic coffee.

Besides seeing less diabetes with daily organic coffee what else so researchers see? There is more evidence presented in a recent edition of Physiology and Behavior. The author, Mario G. Ferruzzi, says the evidence tells us that a number of degenerative and chronic diseases are seen in a lower incidence in coffee and tea drinkers. These include heart diseases, obesity, and a number of neurologic impairments. Sources such as USDA organic coffee are not only free of unwanted contaminants but are great sources of a number of healthy antioxidants including chlorogenic acids. As research on the beneficial effects of coffee move from finding connections to more precise means of improving health researchers like Ferruzzi are looking at just what formulations and combinations are best for health. The scientific word, bioavailability, comes into play as researchers look to see if adding antioxidants like Vitamin C to the mix will help with things like even less diabetes with daily organic coffee. Stay tuned in as research progresses the fact that organic coffee is healthy for us to more specifics about just how much organic coffee is necessary for which specific aspects of human health.

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