Cost of Wholesale Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is good for your health.  Coffee has a lot of health benefits and organic coffee spares you the contaminants that unfortunately can be found in a cup of commercial coffee. But where do you get organic coffee and how much do you have to pay. In this article we break down the cost of wholesale organic coffee and compare the cost of wholesale organic coffee to the retail cost of individual bags.

Where Does the Money Go in the Coffee Supply Chain?

The biggest profits in selling coffee commonly go to the coffee roaster and the retailer of organic coffee brands. Shipping can be costly in smaller quantities and many exporters of coffee from countries like Colombia will charge the same for their work exporting $100 worth of organic coffee as they will for exporting $2,000 worth. This is because the procedures and paperwork are the same for both large and small quantities. Shipping Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee from Panama by mail adds a few dollars to the base cost of wholesale organic coffee or retail bags of coffee.

Price Breakdown

The cost of high quality roasted whole bean organic coffee from Colombia is lowest when purchased in bulk. A recent price quote that we have from one of our suppliers is as follows: $18,861.70 for 1,980 pounds of roasted whole bean organic coffee with USDA and other organic coffee certifications.

For this quote the coffee would be roasted and put in 2.5 kilo bags (5.5 pounds). This quantity requires 360 bags:

Cost for 360 bags = $18,861.70
Cost per bag = $52.39
Cost per kilo = $20.96
Cost per pound = $9.53


The price of 12 ounces of Juan Valdez organic coffee in a supermarket in Panama is $16 which comes out to $21.33 a pound. A randomly selected price for shade grown roasted organic coffee from Costa Rica listed on Amazon is $10.95 plus $5 shipping for 360 grams. This comes to $15.95 for 0.79 pound.  This is $20.19 a pound. The Colombian coffee in our quote is high quality and costs less than half as much per pound than individual bags purchased retail. This is the markup for handling and the retailer markup to cover his cost of doing business and gain a profit for his effort. In short, the cost of wholesale organic coffee goes up dramatically the most hands it passes through on its way to your cup.

Taste Testing before Buying in Bulk

If you are interested getting samples of great Panamanian coffee mailed to you contact us at Buy Organic Coffee. If you are interested in buying in large wholesale quantities our belief is that the best combination of quality, availability and price is the coffee from the Eje Cafetero, the Colombian coffee growing axis. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will be pleased to find a supplier and exporter to provide you with great tasting Colombian organic coffee at a reasonable price.

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