Wholesale Organic Coffee

There are many small coffee plantations that grow and process excellent organic coffee. But the vast majority of these growers are dependent on exporters to get their product to an international market. If you want great coffee you want healthy organic coffee. And if you want coffee in bulk you need wholesale organic coffee from places like the coffee growing axis of Colombia. Grow good certified organic coffee is a job all by itself. Exporting coffee requires an entirely different skill set which is why if you want wholesale organic coffee you need to deal with a handful of coffee exporters in the country where you are dealing.

Why Do We Pick Colombia?

Colombia is a major producer of high quality Arabica coffee. Many consider Colombian coffee brands to be among the best in the world. The problem with getting coffee out of Colombia is that shipments need to be checked and vetted so that the exporter is not hiding drugs in the shipment. Colombia is in the final stages of negotiating the end to a six decade long civil war. Rebel have financed their operations in part by selling cocaine. What began as a fight for the rights of small farmers has largely turned into paramilitary groups of drug lords and mini drug lords and kidnappers hiding out in the jungle with little chance of reintegrating into society. The government has gotten the rebellion out of the cities but the surviving drug lords in the jungle still try to ship their product out of the country by various means. But, despite the need for a professional export service and the work involved therein we think that Colombian coffee is worth the effort. Colombian organic coffee is especially worth the effort!


Green Beans or Roasted

Roasters in the USA and Europe will want green coffee beans. Retailers may simply prefer to buy coffee roasted close to the source and sent via air freight to their city. Green beans are shipped by sea, usually in shipping container lots. Because roasted whole coffee beans have a six month shelf life it works to send via air freight. Usually it takes 4 to 6 weeks from placing an order for freshly roasted and packed organic Colombian coffee to arrive at your door. With green beans the time frame is similar but you need to add time for shipping which can be up to three weeks for Europe or Japan versus a week or less for the Southern USA.

USDA Certification

When you buy coffee at a store you will look for USDA certification on the bag. What do you do when you buy shipping containers of wholesale organic coffee? The exporter must provide, from growers, organic supplier certificates. These are typically provided by an entity such as Bio Latina which certifies on behalf of the USDA across much of Latin America. USDA certification guarantees that the product has been grown, processed, stored and shipped according to organic processes. If you are interested in wholesale organic coffee from Colombia please feel free to contact us today.

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