Bottled Cold Brew Coffee

A refreshing summer drink is cold brewed coffee. Cold brewed coffee is about two thirds less acidic than espresso or percolator coffee. It has to do with extracting caffeine and healthy antioxidants but less acid using a slow, cool extraction process. Basically the coffee just diffuses out of the ground beans over a few hours. And now, if you do not want to spend the time making your own cold brew coffee, you can buy bottled cold brew coffee and store it in your frig!

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee

The New York Times reports that a New York coffee roaster, Toby’s Estate, makes cold-brew coffee in a bottle.

Toby’s Estate, a coffee company with three outposts in New York, has introduced cold-brew coffee in bottles. Drink it straight or pour it over ice. The coffee is deliciously full-bodied with slightly fruity and chocolaty notes: Toby’s Estate Cold Brew Coffee, $4 for 12 ounces at the Toby’s Estate cafes in the West Village, the Flatiron district and Williamsburg, Brooklyn,

If you are not a New Yorker check out the web site and see if they won’t send some to you. Or if you live in Phoenix check out Royal, Press, Cortez or Mama’s cold brews.

Bottled Coffee or Fresh

Bottled cold brew coffee sounds interesting but if you like the idea of healthy organic coffee is the cold brewed bottled coffee organic? And how do the organic coffee antioxidants preserve in a bottle? The best way to make sure that your coffee is organic is to buy it yourself. And the best way to make sure that your coffee is fresh with strong antioxidant content is to store, grind and brew it yourself. Antioxidants degrade in the presence of oxygen. So if you bottle your just made cold brew coffee you should be able to preserve the antioxidant potency for at least a while. What are other ways to preserve potency of antioxidants in coffee?

Smart Coffee Storage

Remember that the warmest place in the kitchen is above and beside the stove. So, don’t put coffee in containers in this kitchen hot spot. Although your refrigerator is cool the top may be warm from heat bleeding off. Try a cupboard away from heat and sunlight.

Many coffee containers are fine for shipping and until opened. After first use it is often wise to put remaining coffee into a container with an air tight seal. The cost is worth it as you will store coffee and preserve freshness away from the air. Coffee ages. The reason that Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee is often shipped to the USA for roasting is not because they cannot roast coffee in Panama (or Colombia, or Brazil, or Vietnam). It is because coffee starts to lose its flavor as soon as the roasting process is completed. Thus roasting takes place close to the market where coffee will be sold. You will want to store coffee and preserve freshness but you will also want to purchase small quantities of coffee, enjoy our coffee, and buy more when you run out. Coffee is not a fine wine. It does not improve with age. Green beans maintain their potency for two years if properly stored and roasted whole coffee beans are good for six months. If have ground coffee you want to brew in now!

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