Cold Brewed Coffee

On a hot day you might like to enjoy a cold brew, cold brewed coffee that is. Cold brewed coffee is steeped in room temperature or even cold water for half a day. It can be served cold or hot. Cold brewed coffee is not iced coffee, which is regular coffee poured over ice to make a cool drink. Cold brewed coffee has to do with the process and not the temperature at which it is served. Additional ingredients to cold brewed coffee include extra water, milk, and chocolate.

Why Cold Brewed Coffee?

Cold brewed coffee is about two thirds less acidic than expresso or percolator coffee. It has to do with extracting caffeine and healthy antioxidants but less acid using a slow, cool extraction process. Basically the coffee just diffuses out of the ground beans over a few hours.

Making Cold Brewed Coffee

Our preference is to start with organic coffee, preferably one of the Colombian organic coffee brands. Grind the beans but coarse and not fine like you would with expresso. Ideally use bottled water and not chlorinated from the tap. If you do use tap water pour the water into a pitcher and allow to sit for several hours to let the chlorine evaporate from the tap water. Grind four and half ounces (1 ¾ cup) of coffee. Add three and a half cups of cold water to a two quart pitcher and then the coffee grounds. Cover, place in the refrigerator and forget for a dozen hours.

Serving Cold Brewed Coffee

The rap against iced coffee is that pouring hot brewed coffee or even espresso over ice typically results on dilute albeit cold coffee. Cold brewed coffee is often stronger than regular coffee. Before serving pour the coffee through a filter or use a French press to remove the coffee grounds. Add a little water if the coffee is too strong for your taste and a little ice if you want it to be colder. Many folks add milk, sugar, chocolate or even liquor making it cold brewed liqueur coffee. This is an ideal drink for a hot summer day but works well in front of a roaring fire in winter as well. From our liqueur coffee article here is a list of liqueurs and how to make.

Name of Liqueur Coffee and Liqueur Used

Gaelic coffee: (Drambuie or Glayva)
Irish Coffee: (Whiskey)
Brandy Coffee: (Brandy)
Keoke Coffee: (Brandy and Kahlúa)
English Coffee: (Gin)
Calypso Coffee: (Tia Maria or Kahlúa and Rum)
Jamaican Coffee: (Tia Maria & Rum)
Shin Shin Coffee: (Rum)
Baileys Irish Cream Coffee
Monk’s Coffee: (Bénédictine)
Seville Coffee: (Cointreau)
Witch’s Coffee: (Strega)
Russian Coffee: (Vodka)
Priest Coffee: (Brennivín)
Corfu Coffee: (Koum Quat liquor)
Kaffee Fertig: (Coffee: with Swiss prune schnapps)
Caffè corretto: (grappa, brandy or Sambuca)

Making Cold Brewed Liqueur Coffee

  • Use a clear liqueur coffee glass and pre heat it
  • Add 25 ml of liqueur of choice
  • Mix in one teaspoonful of raw cane sugar, preferable organic
  • Make Cold Brewed Coffee As Described
  • Fill the glass to one inch from the top with coffee
  • Add slightly whipped cream, pouring over the back of a spoon so that it layers over the top of the coffee and liqueur mixture

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