What Is Single Origin Coffee?

Colombia produces the finest Arabica coffee in the world. But, many Colombians would be surprised to know that the coffee they commonly buy at the grocery store probably was grown in Ecuador! If you want to be assured that your coffee is 100% Colombian look for Juan Valdez on the label. This fictional character was dreamed up half a century ago by the Colombian Coffee Growers Association as we noted in our article, Juan Valdez Organic Coffee. We wrote that article more than five years ago and noted the lack of organic coffee at Juan Valdez coffee shops. Since that time you can find bags of single origin Juan Valdez coffees at their shops. What is single origin coffee? It is coffee that is entirely and specifically from a single location. That could be a country or even a single farm although typically it is an area such as around Manizales, Armenia, Cali, Medellin, Pereira or Huila.

Single Origin Coffee From Colombia

Single Origin Coffee From Colombia

There is a lot of coffee in Colombia and the vast majority goes for regular coffee, roasted, ground and sold in the grocery store. This is where a few extra beans from Ecuador might find their way into the mix. But what if you want single origin organic coffee from the heart of the Colombian Cafetero?

Wholesale Coffee versus Retail Quantities

Coffee just off the mountain is quoted on the NYMEX and runs about $2 a pound. When that coffee is processed, sorted and the husk removed the price goes up but not much. The largest bump up in price is in roasting. This assumes that you deal in shipping container quantities of coffee. But what if you want single origin organic or at least export quality coffee from the heart of Colombia but in ten to twenty pound range? It turns out that BuyOrganicCoffee.org can help you in both cases. We deal with suppliers who ship via Buenaventura on the Pacific or Cartagena on the Atlantic and can fill a shipping container with your favorite whole bean green or roasted coffee. And we deal with suppliers who can send you ten or twenty pounds of your favorite, green or roasted, via Fed Ex or UPS. Roasted coffee will be freshly roasted just before sending and green coffee has a two year “shelf life” when properly stored.

Why Single Origin?

Coffee lovers know that coffee is much like wine in that the flavor and aroma are affected by the soil in which it grown and the climate as much as by the type of bean and the quality of care given to the coffee plant. Coffee grown around Huila differs from coffee grown West of Medellin and that coffee differs from the coffee from the Valle de Cauca near Cali. Roasters who are interested in single origin organic coffees from the Colombian Cafetero or simply high quality 100 Colombian coffees please contact us at BuyOrganicCoffee.org.

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