Who Makes Organic Coffee?

We know that coffee is good for your and organic coffee is better. But, who makes organic coffee? The only organic coffee producers in the USA are in Hawaii. But coffee is produced throughout the tropical regions of the world and virtually every country that grows coffee grows a little healthy organic coffee as well.

Coffee Growing Countries

Here are the top coffee growing countries ranked by production by 60 kg bags in 2014.

  • Brazil, 45,342,000
  • Vietnam, 27,500,000
  • Colombia, 11,600,000
  • Indonesia, 6,850,000
  • Ethiopia, 6,500,000
  • India, 5,005,000
  • Mexico, 4,500,000
  • Guatemala, 4,000,000
  • Peru, 3,500,000
  • Honduras, 2,700,000

But not all of these countries produce a lot of organic coffee. For example, Vietnam produces mostly robusta coffee which is used for the caffeine in soft drinks. They produce very little Arabia coffee which is where organic coffee typically comes from. The top producers of Arabica coffee are Brazil and Colombia followed by Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Honduras. Other Central American Arabica coffee producers are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama. Both Colombia and Panama are widely known for the quality of their organic coffee.

Organic Coffee from the Mountains of Panama

Panama is a small country and a small producer of organic coffee but what they lack in size they make up in quality. Panama Mountain Grown Organic coffee wins awards.

A prime example of Panama mountain grown organic coffee is Duncan Estate organic coffee produced by Kotowa Coffee in the Chiriquí Highlands of Panama. This Arabica coffee grown by sustainable practices received honors as the best organic coffee in Panama in 2005 and the best organic coffee in the world in 2006. Duncan Estate organic coffee by Kotowa is certified by Bio Latina. Other Panama mountain grown organic coffee certified producers receiving Bio Latina organic coffee certification include the following:

  • Los Lajones Estate Coffee S.A.
  • Leap Of Faith Farms, Inc
  • Hacienda La Esperanza
  • Hacienda Barbara Jaramillo
  • Finca Señor Ramón Arauz
  • Finca San Miguel de La Montaña
  • Finca Ramon Arauz
  • Finca El Remedio – Ama de Casa
  • Finca Dos Jefes
  • Asociación de Caficultores Orgánicos Ngöbe Ascon

Coffee growing in Panama centers on the towns of Boquete and Volcan. This area is the Northeastern end of the arco seco, Spanish for dry arch, which is the agricultural breadbasket of Panama.

The Eje Cafetero of Colombia

Colombia is a country about the size of Texas or California. Mountainous region in the West of the country is cloudy with rich volcanic soil ideal for growing coffee. There are a good number of great coffees from Colombia. The region roughly bounded by the cities of Medellin, Cali and Manizales is the Colombian coffee growing axis, the Eje Cafetero. Virtually all coffee grown in Colombia is high quality Arabica coffee and there are many organic producers both for local sales and high volume exports.

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