Coffee from Colombia

If you are looking for Arabica coffee, high quality coffee, and lots of it, look for coffee from Colombia. Colombia is the third largest coffee producer and exporter in the world behind Vietnam and Brazil. However, Colombia grows and exports only Arabica coffee and not Robusta. Colombia ranks number one in production and export of the highest-quality Arabica coffee. If, before reading further, you would like to purchase coffee directly from Colombia, send us an email at Buy Organic Coffee works with local producers and processors in the Manizales, Colombia region which is the heart of the Colombian coffee-growing district.

Colombian Coffee History

Coffee growing in Colombia goes back to Spanish Colonial times. A Jesuit priest, José Gumilla first wrote about coffee growing in Colombia in the 1730s. The first record of commercial production was in 1808. The current coffee growing region was only settled in the middle of the 19th century with the founding of Manizales in the department of Caldas. Today the greatest production of Arabica coffee in Colombia takes place in the Western mountains (Andes) of Colombia ranging from Caldas North to the Southern part of Antioquia, West and South to Risaralda, Quindío, and Tolima, and then farther South to high mountains of Huila where Buy Organic Coffee sources its high-quality Pink Bourbon coffee. The historic center of Arabica coffee production is Manizales and is where we, Buy Organic Coffee, your source for ordering coffee from Colombia are located. (Order by emailing us at

Coffee from Colombia - Colombian Departments

Coffee from Colombia – Colombian Departments

How Do You Get Fresh Coffee from Colombia?

Colombia exports the most Arabica coffee of any country in the world. Thus, you can find Colombian coffee everywhere. However, when millions of tons of coffee are exported they go to warehouses where the coffee sits until it is sold to roasters as part of the supply chain that brings coffee to your favorite coffee shop or to your grocery store. If you see the name Juan Valdez on the label that means your coffee is 100% from Colombia. Juan is a fictional character dreamt up decades ago to promote coffee from Colombia and is well-known along with his burro that is carrying large sacks of coffee. The problem with getting fresh coffee is that after your coffee from Colombia goes down the hill with Juan from the coffee farm and is processed at the local “trilladora” to remove the husk, it may sit for a long time before it is processed during which time it will lose freshness.
Contact Buy Organic Coffee by emailing us at to get coffee directly from Colombia that was not sitting for years in a warehouse. Contact us for coffee that is, at the longest, from the most recent harvest (twice a year in Colombia).

If you are visiting Manizales or anywhere in Colombia, you can purchase high-quality Arabica coffee in a grocery store. The easiest way to get organic coffee is to visit a Juan Valdez coffee shop and purchase a bag or two. You can take the coffee back home with you in your suitcase but don’t be surprised when the authorities at the airport in Bogota pin prick your bags of coffee and pass them in front of a mechanical drug sniffer or a drug-sniffing dog. (You don’t want the dog to sit down which is what it does when it recognizes cocaine or marijuana!)

If you would like us to send you a four-pack of grocery store coffee from Colombia by mail, send us an email to

Coffee Direct from Colombia

Our price for this sample pack is $30 for the coffee and $30 for mailing to anywhere in the USA.

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  1. charles says:

    Will shipping green coffee by air frieght effect the coffee’s taste, shelf life, etc.?

    • Tim Thompson says:


      The compartments for air freight are pressurized to equal the air pressure at about 2400 meters. This is the altitude of the city of Manizales and the altitude of many coffee farms and processing facilities in the departments of Caldas, Tolima, and Huila. Thus, the shipping of green coffee by air freight has no effect on shelf life, taste, or any other quality of your green coffee.

      Jim Walker for Buy Organic Coffee, Manizales

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