Wholesale Artisanal Coffee from Colombia

Colombia is the largest producer and exporter of high-quality Arabica coffee in the world. Wholesale coffee from Colombia finds its way into virtually every country. But, what if you are interested in single origin, wholesale artisanal coffee from Colombia? There are individual growers on individual coffee farms in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Tolima, Huila, and Quindío who grow specific coffee varieties. These coffees are of extremely high quality, some are certified as organic coffee, and most are organic in everything but name.

What Is Artisanal Coffee?

Single origin coffee beans are what make artisanal coffee unique. Coffee growers limit their production to specific, high-quality coffee varieties. When you drink wholesale artisanal coffee produced on one of these farms, you will enjoy coffee grown in specific soil conditions and at a specific altitude range. Artisanal coffee growers specialize in unique coffee varieties and follow sustainable agricultural practices. They may or may not have bothered to have someone like Bio Latina certify their crops for USDA certification. When you first brew an artisanal coffee, go with a light roast. Do not add milk, cream, or sugar. Taste the black coffee and you will be able to enjoy distinctive flavor profiles that come from specific growing conditions and unique coffee varieties.

Pink Bourbon Coffee Finca La Paula
Pink Bourbon Coffee – Finca La Paula – Huila, Colombia

Wholesale Artisanal Coffee from Colombia – Buy Organic Coffee

At Buy Organic Coffee, from our location in Manizales, Colombia, we deal directly with individual coffee farmers and small processors to give you access to wholesale artisanal coffee from Colombia. Artisanal coffee commands a higher price than UGQ (usual good quality) Colombian Arabica coffee. This is understandable as the growers frequently sacrifice production volume in order to obtain maximum quality. And, because artisanal coffee is relatively rare, it naturally commands a higher price. However, most of the price markup that a coffee shop in the USA will pay comes from “middlemen” along the supply chain.

Fresh Coffee from Colombia

Another issue with getting artisanal coffee is that your supplier might be buying the coffee, warehousing it, and selling when it gets the best price. Unfortunately, the quality of your artisanal coffee will suffer the longer it is stored. At Buy Organic Coffee we work directly with coffee growers, local processors, and buyers across the globe. We will shorten your supply chain for getting any fresh coffee from Colombia and especially artisanal coffee from this region. When you source your artisanal coffee from Colombia through Buy Organic Coffee you get a better price, guaranteed quality, and personalized service.

How to Roast Artisanal Coffee

Whether you roast your own coffee at home or roast commercially for your coffee shop, use a light roast for artisanal coffee. This will preserve the distinct flavors and aroma that are unique to the altitude, soil conditions, amount of rainfall, and specific coffee variety. Artisanal coffee beans bring you the flavors and characteristics of the soil in which your coffee was grown and these can be lost in a caramelized dark roast.

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