What Is Pink Bourbon Coffee?

The Bourbon coffee variety dates back to the 1700s when French missionaries first introduced it on Bourbon Island in the Indian Ocean.  The island is called Réunion today and the missionaries moved on to Latin America in the middle of the 1800s. It was first grown in Brazil around 1860 and cultivation spread from there throughout Latin America. Because the standard Bourbon variety is susceptible to coffee leaf rust, it does best at higher altitudes at or above 1,800 meters where leaf rust is less likely to occur. Bourbon produces a tall coffee plant, excellent coffee, and medium to low production. It much of Latin America, basic Bourbon has been replaced by offshoots such as Caturra, Catuai, and Mundo Novo. But, around Huila, Colombia in the Andes Mountains, growers still specialize in growing Bourbon coffee and a cross-bred variety, pink Bourbon.

Pink Bourbon Finca La Paula
Pink Bourbon Coffee – Finca La Paula

Pink Bourbon Coffee from Huila, Colombia

Pink Bourbon gets its name from the fact that the ripe berries are pink instead of red. Coffee farmers around Huila, Colombia produce the variety by cross-breeding yellow and red Bourbon. It has greater resistance to leaf rust than either the yellow or red variety. Pink bourbon has spicy-jasmine notes and a hint of caramel. This is an excellent, artisanal coffee that can be purchased from retailers in the USA. The problem is that you are commonly buying beans from the previous year’s harvest. However, if you buy Arabica coffee directly from Colombia via Buy Organic Coffee, you can get fresh pink Bourbon from Huila, Colombia, either green beans or freshly roasted and shipped directly to you.

What Is Pink Bourbon Coffee - Nevado del Huila
Nevado del Huila – Tallest Volcano in Colombia

Where Is Huila, Colombia?

Huila is a department in the country of Colombia. Its capital is Neiva and the department lies southeast of the city of Cali. The volcano, Nevado de Huila, is the tallest volcano in Colombia at 17, 598 feet (5,364 meters) and the entire department sits on the Colombian massif. The department holds the headwaters of the Magdalena River, the largest in Colombia. With rich, volcanic soil, high elevations, lots of rain, and a culture of coffee growing, Huila produces some of the finest coffee within the Colombian coffee growing axis. The fact that local growers have found to a way to grow an old variety (Bourbon) and increase its leaf rust resistance is a big plus. Even better, pink Bourbon is such an excellent coffee. The key for enjoying this great coffee if you live outside of Colombia is to contact us at Buy Organic Coffee. You can leave a message in our comment section or send an email to buyorganicoffee@yahoo.com. Be certain to let us know if you want small quantities for personal use or commercial quantities, green coffee versus roasted and whole bean versus ground. (We strongly advise against asking for ground coffee as you will be losing most of the “freshness advantage” of shipping directly from Colombia.

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  1. Michael Fischer says:

    Where can I buy Pink Bourbon Coffee? Thank you

    • Tim Thompson says:


      Our supplier (coffee farm) in the department of Huila in Colombia has Pink Bourbon right now. It is freshly picked and processed from the “mitaca” or secondary harvest.

      Would you like green coffee or roasted coffee? What sort of quantity are you interested in?

      Let us know and give us your address for delivery of the coffee and we will provide you with a price for the coffee and shipping.

      Email your reply to admin@buyorganiccoffee.org.

      Thanks for your interest in coffee from Colombia.

      James Walker
      Buy Organic Coffee, Manizales, Colombia

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