Organic Coffee from Caldas, Colombia

We have written frequently about Colombian Arabica organic coffee and particularly about coffee from the area around Manizales, Colombia. Manizales is the capital of the department (state) of Caldas. Old Caldas (Viejo Caldas) is the historic heart of the Colombian coffee growing district in the highlands of the Andean Mountains. This region has been a coffee-producing Mecca for nearly two hundred years as we noted in our article about Colombian coffee history. While other coffee-growing regions of the world have chosen to use coffee varieties that are sun tolerant or use mechanical coffee picking, the growers or regular Arabica and organic coffee from Caldas, Colombia have not. Coffee varieties are chosen for quality and not convenience in Caldas and picking on the mountainsides is always by hand.

Artisanal Coffee from Caldas, Colombia

The focus of coffee production in the historic heart of coffee growing in Colombia has always been to produce the best Arabica coffee rather than producing the most. Families in Caldas have been growing coffee for generations and take pride in the quality of their production. Much of the coffee grown in this region is organic in fact if not in name. That is because these coffee farmers have always used sustainable practices even though they do not pay an agency like Bio Latina to certify their crops. Although much of coffee production in Caldas, Colombia goes directly for general consumption, the vast majority is artisanal in quality. That is, the coffee is single original, harvested at specific altitudes (mostly very high), and grown in a specific kind of soil (volcanic).

Organic Coffee from Caldas, Colombia

Organic coffee from Colombia can be difficult to find. This is because many organic growers have long-term contracts with buyers in Japan, Europe, or the USA. All of their production is spoken for. Other growers are organic in fact but not certified and not known to be organic outside of their specific communities. However, if you are interested in organic coffee from Caldas, Colombia, we at have contacts through the Colombian coffee growing region and specifically around Manizales in the department of Caldas. If you are interested in artisanal organic coffee from Colombia and especially from the Caldas region, please feel free to leave us a message in the comments section on our site and we will get back to you.

Caldas, Colombia

The Caldas department of Colombia has elevations of 7,000 feet and above. It is in the high elevations where Arabica coffee grows best and where many of the old Caldas coffee-growing families have their coffee farms. The soil is volcanic and the growing areas are punctuated with tall mountains that reach above the tree line such as Nevada del Ruiz, the 15,000 foot still-active volcano.

Organic Coffee from Caldas, Colombia - Nevado del Ruiz
Nevado del Ruiz

This view of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano is from Avenida Santander in the city of Manizales, the capital of the department of Caldas and the home of the Colombian Coffee Growers Association.

Here is where coffee grows from the lowlands (three to five thousand feet) to the highlands (over 8,000 feet) and the focus on coffee growing is and has always been to produce the highest quality organic coffee from Caldas, Colombia.

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