Colombian Arabica Organic Coffee

Do you like great organic coffee? If so, buy Colombian Arabica organic coffee. We often write about coffee from Colombia. That is because Colombia is a major coffee producer. They reliably grow commercial quantities of the best high quality Arabica coffee in the world.

Arabica Coffee

Why buy Arabica coffee?

Why buy Arabica coffee? If you are looking for a pick me up, Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine than Arabica beans. And Robusta coffee futures are sitting at around $1.10 a pound while Arabica futures are more than $2 a pound for lowest quality Arabica beans. So why buy Arabica coffee? People buy Arabica coffee because it tastes better and has a better aroma. Arabica is higher quality coffee than Robusta. Now the question is where do you get your Arabica coffee?

Brazil may produce more Arabica coffee than Colombia but if you are looking for reliably higher quality buy Colombian Arabica organic coffee.

Coffee from Manizales Colombia

Manizales is the city in the heart in the Colombian coffee growing district, the eje Cafetero. Coffee from Manizales, Colombia is an example of Colombian Arabica coffee at its finest.

Some of the best coffee in the world comes from a place where the highway signs give you a choice of heading to Bogota or Medellin.

This piece of coffee heaven is Manizales, Colombia. The main highway to neighboring Pereira is even called the coffee highway, the Careterra de Café. Coffee grows everywhere from lowlands to mountain tops. Coffee loves cloudy skies, rain and moderate temperatures making the daytime highs of 70 degrees and nighttime lows of 58 degrees perfect.

The highway connecting to the neighboring city of Pereira is even called the coffee highway, “Carretero de Café.” This is a region with volcanic soil, high altitude at which Arabica coffee grows slowly to Supremo and Excelso bean sizes. The weather is often overcast and it rains a lot. Coffee growing on slopes gets lots of water but never too much as the excess runs off. And the folks here have been growing coffee for generation after generation.

Coffee Growing Near Manizales Colombia

Coffee Growing Near Manizales Colombia

Organic Coffee

If you are going to drink good coffee you might as well drink healthy organic coffee.

Start the day with a hot cup of healthy organic coffee and you can receive a number of health benefits. Healthy organic coffee contains calcium. It contains antioxidants such as polyphenols which are also called condensed tannins and help prevent tooth decay in addition to their antioxidant activity. The antioxidant properties of a healthy cup of organic coffee include the ability to lessen age associated cellular damage, prevent new blood vessel formation in cancerous tissue, and inhibit the long term inflammation seen in atherosclerosis. Ongoing research points to uses of polyphenols as treatments for specific age related conditions. And all of this from a cup of healthy organic coffee!

Healthy organic coffee has been around for a long, long time. Unfortunately in the modern era the use of pesticides and herbicides has entered the picture in growing many crops, including otherwise healthy organic coffee. Although non-organic contaminants do not necessarily reduce the beneficial health effects of a healthy cup of organic coffee the non-organic contaminants cause problems of their own.

If you want good coffee, drink Arabica. If you want great coffee, look for Arabica coffee from Colombia. And if you want the best, look for Colombian Arabica organic coffee. If you want this great coffee shipped directly to you, contact us at Buy Organic Coffee.

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