How to Buy Great Fresh Coffee

Learn how to buy great fresh coffee and every morning cup of Java will be a delight. To get the best and freshest coffee you need to pay attention to several things, starting with the coffee bean. Coffee is fresh when it is first harvested and processed. Green coffee beans that are properly stored (cool and dry) retain their freshness for up to three years. By comparison, roasted coffee beans retain their freshness for up to six months. In each case, the sooner after harvest (and roasting) that you purchase your coffee, the fresher it will be. Average coffee that is fresh is better than so-called gourmet coffee that sat on the shelf for months or years!

Avoid Old Warehoused Coffee

Almost a decade ago we wrote about how the government in Brazil was paying farmers to store their green coffee beans instead of flooding the market. Coffee prices were down and holding back coffee production from the market helped support prices. That was in 2012. A follow-up note is that coffee prices went up a few years later and coffee farmers in Brazil started to sell their stored coffee. Unfortunately, coffee that is six or eight years old has pretty much lost its flavor and any antioxidants of value. The same problem arises when you purchase coffee in the USA, Europe, Japan, or any other coffee-drinking region where they are not coffee producers as well. You typically do not know how long your coffee sat in the warehouse before roasting and how long it has been in the bag after roasting.

Fresh Coffee from the Source

Your best way to guarantee the freshness of your coffee is to buy it from as close to the source as possible. At Buy Organic Coffee we offer fresh coffee from Colombia. Because we work with local coffee farmers and small processors, we can provide you with fresh coffee beans, green or roasted, that are from the most recent harvest. Because Colombia harvests coffee every six months, our coffee from the source may be just off the mountain or at least within six months of harvest.

How to Buy Great Fresh Coffee - Pink Bourbon Coffee Finca La Paula

How to Buy Great Coffee (and not break the bank)

There are lots of great coffees in the world. And, there are lots of heavily-advertised coffees. Kona coffee from Hawaii, Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, and Juan Valdez coffee from Colombia are all great coffees. Blue Mountain sells for $36 for a 16-ounce bag and Royal Kona sells for as much as $90 for a 16-ounce bag. Both of these prices are before shipping. By comparison, we provide Pink Bourbon coffee from Finca La Paula in the department of Huila in Colombia for $12 for each 500 mg (16-ounce) bag. Our guarantee is that your coffee will have been harvested no more than six months before your purchase and very commonly will have been harvested within the month.

Why Buy Great Fresh Coffee from Colombia

There are lots of great coffees in the world. The best coffees are all Arabica varieties. Unfortunately, many places that grow good coffee do not grow much of it. The place in the world where they grow the most Arabica coffee is in the mountains of Colombia. Colombian coffee history goes back more than two centuries. Not only does coffee grow in rich volcanic soil with plenty of rainfall in Colombia but the coffee-growing culture goes back generations. An excellent example is Pink Bourbon coffee which is a hybrid of red and yellow bourbon. This carefully crossbred coffee is more resistant to coffee leaf rust and has spicy-jasmine notes with a hint of caramel. Because there is so much great coffee produced in Colombia, prices for artisanal coffees are very reasonable and standard coffees are cheap compared to equally good but heavily–advertised coffees from elsewhere in the coffee belt.

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