Organic Decaf Coffee K Cups

If you like organic coffee but too much coffee gives you the jitters, you may want organic decaf coffee.

To meet FDA labeling requirements 97% of the caffeine has to be removed. A six ounce cup of Robusta coffee commonly has as much as 200 milligrams of caffeine. A cup of shade grown organic coffee from Arabica beans usually has between 70 and 130 milligrams of caffeine. To be labeled as decaf these coffees need to be reduced to six and about three milligrams per six ounce cup. The moral is that if you want to avoid caffeine you should start by looking for decaf Arabica coffee. Unfortunately most commercial brands of decaf are made from Robusta beans. Remember that decaf does not mean caffeine free.

If you are also tired of wasting coffee by making a batch and throwing out half then you may want to look a single serve coffee approach.

The USA is steadily consuming less coffee, not because anyone is cutting back but because of the single serve revolution. Bloomberg Business reports on how single-serving pods have decreased coffee consumption.

Single-serve brewing machines popularized by Keurig Green Mountain Inc. are now used by more than one in four Americans and are altering the way coffee is consumed. Almost every brand, from Folgers to Dunkin’ Donuts, is sold in disposable 2-inch-by-2-inch plastic pods that yield just one serving. They’re more efficient than drip-brewing pots capable of making 10 cups, some of which isn’t consumed and gets dumped.

While Americans still drink more coffee than any beverage except water, expanded use of single-serve machines has slowed demand growth for a $52 billion market in the U.S., the world’s biggest consumer. That’s hurt sales at a time when ample inventories of the commodity have sent prices tumbling.

One observer says that coffee farmers have lost their most lucrative consumer, the kitchen sink where unused coffee poured.

And if you like single serve, organic and decaf then you need organic decaf coffee K cups. At Keurig online you can order Newman’s Own Organics decaf coffee in a k cup. Bed Bath and Beyond offers Gorilla Decaf from the Organic Coffee Company. And Green Mountain offers Colombian Fair Trade decaf in k cups as well.

Organic Decaf Coffee K Cups

The argument for decaf coffee is that it does not make you nervous. However, if you drink high quality Arabica coffee it has less caffeine than cheaper Robusta. And if you limit your coffee intake the issue of nervousness goes away. The advantages of k cups are the ease of making a single cup of coffee and not wasting excess coffee along the way. The drawback to getting your organic coffee, decaf or not, via a k cup is that you are contributing a lot of plastic containers to the landfills of the world which may not make sense if you are going organic to protect the planet.

Keurig sells a lot of coffee and a lot of folks like the singe serving approach because it is easy and does not waste coffee. The trouble is that there is a lot of other waste with this product that goes against protecting the environment.

The best solution is to look for biodegradable containers for your k cups and then you are home free.

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