Single Serve Coffee without Pods

We have one more item to add to our list of gift ideas for coffee lovers. It is a way to make single serve coffee without pods. The Spinn coffee maker is high tech and getting lots of attention in the online tech media. Digital Trends reviews the Spinn coffee maker.

The Spinn coffee maker is aimed at being totally self-contained. In other words, it takes care of all the steps for you – it grinds the beans to the perfect fineness, heats the water, then uses a spinning cylinder, hence the name Spinn, to get the water to go through the beans at the right pressure. It’s a pretty neat concept, and it should make for some great tasting coffee.

Another major bonus to Spinn is that it doesn’t make a mess. The grounds themselves are completely drained of all water, and then they’re spat out into a waste container, where they can be simply dumped into the bin.

And you can use this brand new gizmo to make a single cup of coffee! A drawback for most of us mere mortals is the price which ranges from $499 to $999. However, if you want to get in on this neat way to make single serve coffee without pods you can take advantage of an introductory offer for 40% off making the cheap version about $300.

The Verge also reviews the Spinn coffee maker, saying that it thinks it is better than pods.

But now, a company called Spinn wants you to know that it too can make a convenient single-serving cup of coffee, without using wasteful, expensive pods.

The Spinn coffee machines vary in size but all are marketed as the future of coffee because they take whole beans, grind them, heat them, and brew them without any human interaction or plastic waste. Take that, pods. Spinn connects to a companion iOS / Android app over Wi-Fi so users can specify how they want their coffee done, or schedule a cup ahead of time, although this can also be done directly from the machine or through Alexa voice commands. Spinn can make a shot of espresso, or even a latte in its larger machines that come with milk steamers. The app also connects coffee drinkers with local roasting companies to order beans directly.

Coffee lovers, welcome to the world of high tech. But just remember that if you want a great cup of healthy organic coffee you still need to consider organic coffee from Colombia, Panama, Brazil or other areas when they grow the best Arabica coffee. If your object is great coffee made with a high tech gadget that reduces waste don’t skimp on the quality of the beans.

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