How Long Do Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Last?

There is nothing like a cup of freshly roasted coffee to start the day. Ideally you would buy green coffee beans and roast your own coffee each day. Green coffee when properly stored retains its freshness for as long as a three years. So, this is the ideal route to take if you want the freshest coffee full of active antioxidants, aroma and flavor. But, most of us are pressed for time and find it easier to buy roasted coffee. Then the question is how long do freshly roasted coffee beans last? And how do you get the most freshly roasted coffee considering that your store bought roasted coffee may be months old?

Checking the Temperature While Roasting Coffee

Cooling the Beans after the Roasting Coffee

Coffee Roasters

In our Houston Coffee Roasters article a few years ago we covered the basics of why freshly roasted is best.

In search of high quality, freshly roasted healthy organic coffee? There are Houston coffee roasters from whom you can purchase a wide range of regular and organic coffees. Freshness of coffee comes down to a few facts.

    1. Properly stored green coffee beans last for about two years.
    2. Roasting coffee brings about a number of complex chemical reactions in the coffee bean.
    3. Antioxidants formed in roasting coffee are responsible for its unique taste and many health benefits.
    4. Anti-oxidants break down with exposure to oxygen.
    5. Roasted beans can maintain most of their flavor for up to six months if vacuum packed.
    6. Once they are exposed to air but kept in a cool and dry place roasted coffee beans maintain flavor for no more than two months.
    7. Once you grind roasted coffee beans you expose all of the inner antioxidants to the air and you lose flavor by the hour if not the minute.

So, if you want to preserve those organic coffee antioxidants buy and store green coffee beans to roast and grind at home or, better yet, purchase small quantities of freshly roasted coffee of your choice from any of a number of Houston coffee roasters.

So, freshly roasted coffee lasts for a couple of months when stored in a cool and dry place in your home. But, how old are the green coffee beans that the roaster is using?

Too-Old Green Coffee

Years back we wrote about Brazil coffee storage.

It appears that Brazil is going to copy a practice from United States agriculture, storing excess crop production.

Coffee farmers want the best price for their crop. When there is a good growing year there is a lot of coffee and prices fall. Farmers who are able will often store part of their green coffee crop as they wait for better prices. The problem for you, the coffee consumer, is that they may wait several years before selling that coffee. We noted that green coffee can retain a reasonable amount of freshness for up to three years. There is no way that coffee stored for longer than that will be fresh!

Long storage is also a problem for the coffee roaster who must buy in bulk and then store his green coffee until he roasts and sells it.

Freshly Roasted Coffee from Colombia

We at deal directly with coffee roasters in Colombia. When we get an order for freshly roasted coffee, that coffee is recently picked and processed. It is promptly roasted at our request and shipped air freight to the buyer. These folks do not need to worry about how long freshly roasted coffee beans last. They only need to grind their beans and make their coffee each morning.

Colombian Coffee in the Valleys and on the Mountain Sides

Colombian Coffee in the Valleys and on the Mountain Sides and Even in Back Yards!

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