Iced Organic Coffee

A wonderful companion on a hot summer afternoon is a glass of iced organic coffee. Free of the impurities found in a regular cup of coffee, iced organic coffee contains organic coffee antioxidants that are good for you too. Iced organic coffee can be made in two ways that result in equally delicious beverages but different flavors. Traditional iced organic coffee is made by adding coffee grounds to cold water and letting the mixture sit in the refrigerator for twelve hours or so. A quicker means of making iced organic coffee is to brew the coffee and then pour over lots of ice to cool it. Making the coffee and then pouring over ice retains the flavor of brewed coffee. Making iced organic coffee the slow way produces a less acidic coffee with less caffeine and a lighter, less complex taste.

Brewing healthy organic coffee creates a different set of chemical reactions and different taste created by heat. If what you like is the complex taste of a strong heat brewed coffee you will probably want to brew your coffee but make it stronger than usual. Then pour the boiling coffee over ice which will cool it and dilute it to the desired strength. On the other hand an easy way to prepare iced organic coffee is to simply place the grounds in cold water and place in the refrigerator. When the heat of the afternoon arrives a cup of ice organic coffee will be available in your refrigerator with no preparation time required. The taste of cold brewed iced organic coffee is simpler because the coffee’s chemicals simply dissolve into the cold water. There is little or no further chemical change that occurs in the absence of high temperature. Many prefer the less complex taste of iced organic coffee made by the traditional method. Both means of making a cup of iced organic coffee provide a beverage with caffeine, antioxidants, and other aromatic substances.

Many coffee drinkers enjoy the simpler taste of cold brewed iced organic coffee. May prefer a regular brew poured over ice. Many enjoy both. When making cold brewed iced coffee it is preferable to keep the grounds out of the final cup of coffee. This can be accomplished by a number of means. One is to use a container with a felt consistency pad to strain out particulate matter. Another is to use a French Press to remove particles. In order to produce enough iced organic coffee to justify the effort you can make very concentrated coffee by the cold brewing method. Then pour the cold mixture over ice and even add a touch of water to taste. Because iced organic coffee can be made very strong it can be ladled over a scoop of two of ice cream as well. Start with half a pound of USDA Organic Coffee and five cups of water. Put this mixture in your refrigerator at night before you go to bed. In the morning strain the iced organic coffee and leave in a jar in the refrigerator for use during the heat of the day.

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