Houston Coffee Roasters

In search of high quality, freshly roasted healthy organic coffee ? There are Houston coffee roasters from whom you can purchase a wide range of regular and organic coffees. Freshness of coffee comes down to a few facts.

  1. Properly stored green coffee beans last for about two years.
  2. Roasting coffee brings about a number of complex chemical reactions in the coffee bean.
  3. Antioxidants formed in roasting coffee are responsible for its unique taste and many health benefits.
  4. Anti-oxidants break down with exposure to oxygen.
  5. Roasted beans can maintain most of their flavor for up to six months if vacuum packed.
  6. Once they are exposed to air but kept in a cool and dry place roasted coffee beans maintain flavor for no more than two months.
  7. Once you grind roasted coffee beans you expose all of the inner antioxidants to the air and you lose flavor by the hour if not the minute.

So, if you want to preserve those organic coffee antioxidants buy and store green coffee beans to roast and grind at home or, better yet, purchase small quantities of freshly roasted coffee of your choice from any of a number of Houston coffee roasters. If you buy your own green coffee store it in a bag that breaths, paper or burlap, and not in plastic. If you visit one of the Houston coffee roasters save your roasted coffee beans in a sealed glass jar in a cool place. Remember that a place like the handy cupboard right above the stove heats up when you are cooking. Pick a handy spot away for heat sources. Coffee fresh from one of the Houston coffee roasters will keep its flavor for a couple of months. Just make sure that you only grind enough for a serving or two at a time.

If you are looking for good wholesale organic coffee, green beans that is, feel free to contact Panamá Natural Organic Coffee or other suppliers through www.buyorganiccoffee.org . Panamá Natural Organic Coffee can supply naturally grown organic and sustainably grown coffees from Panama as well as Colombia. From Panama mountain grown organic coffee to Juan Valdez organic coffee from Colombia Latin America produces a number of fine coffees, available as green beans or freshly roasted coffees put in the post to mail to your home almost before the beans have cooled.

If you would just as soon walk down the street to a local vendor for your freshly roasted organic or regular coffee, here is a list of Houston coffee roasters:

  • Java Pura
  • Fusion Beans
  • Whole Foods
  • House of Coffee Beans
  • 3 Cups
  • Purple Turtle Coffee Company
  • Duncan Coffee

Remember not to stock up on large quantities of roasted coffee beans from Houston coffee roasters, at least not more than enough for a couple of months or you will see a decline in flavor from the first cup to the last. And, certainly, do not grind a large quantity of freshly roasted coffee as the decline in flavor will be precipitous over just a few days.

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