How Does Organic Food Taste?

Most people who buy organic food say they do so because they want to avoid ingesting the harmful chemicals and drugs used to produce food by conventional methods. They also say that they buy organic food in order to help protect the earth and the air on our fragile planet. Then there are those who, in addition to the above-listed reasons for buying organic food, say that they buy it because it also just plain tastes better.

Recently the Soil Association, the major organic accreditation body in the United Kingdom, polled 813 people about their reasons for purchasing organic food. A full 95% said that they purchased organic food to avoid harmful chemicals that are so abundant in conventionally produced food, but taste was also very near the top of the list.

According to the poll by the Soil Association, fruits and vegetables scored the highest on taste (72% of respondents said organic tastes better than nonorganic). But meat scored at the top as well. Seventy-one percent said they preferred the taste of organic meat.

Other tests that have been conducted by various organizations and study groups, however, disagree. They claim that according to their taste tests, there was little or no perceptible difference between the tastes of organically produced food and conventionally produced food, and most taste tests ended in a tie. In some of the tests, the conventionally produced food even outscored the organic variety (raspberries and chocolate bars). Organic peanut butter won out over conventional peanut butter, but that was the only victory for our side.

However, taste isn’t everything. We all can agree on that, and if most of the taste tests ended in a tie for taste, they don’t end in a tie for good health.

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