Prescription Grade Organic Coffee

It seems that coffee lovers are all abuzz about the benefits of healthy organic coffee. Reduce your likelihood of getting Type II Diabetes, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, or colon cancer? Try a cup or two of coffee every morning, noon, and evening. Want to keep all of those impurities often found in regular coffee away? Drink organic coffee, enjoy the taste, save the planet, and live longer! Here are a few of our thoughts about prescription grade organic coffee.

Do No Harm

When the United States started regulating prescription drugs about a century ago the gold standard was that a drug was to be safe to use. If one is thinking of drinking coffee because of the health benefits it might be useful to include the standard for prescription drugs. Prescription grade coffee ought to be prescription grade organic coffee. Regular coffee can have as many as 150 different impurities. USDA organic coffee does not. USDA certified organic coffee is grown in a sustainable manner, guarding the environment, and reducing to zero the number of unnecessary impurities. Organic coffee is grown without the use of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers. This is good for the coffee plant, good for ground water, good for the top soil, and good for you. The first thing for prescription grade organic coffee is that it should do no harm.

Reliably Help Specific Conditions

Here is where all of the recent buzz comes from. Scientific research by institutions such as Harvard and UCLA demonstrates benefits of long term coffee consumption. Our support of so called prescription grade organic coffee comes from the fact that statistics show that long term coffee consumption helps cut the incidence of Type II diabetes in half. The risk of lethal prostate cancer is likewise reduced to half and cancer of the colon, prostate, and endometrial are all reduced with the consumption of coffee over time.

What is the Dosage for Prescription Grade Organic Coffee?

It appears that for prescription grade organic coffee more is better. The association for Type II Diabetes is that women who drink four cups of coffee a day have half the incidence of a disease that affects 20 million Americans. For some conditions the most improvement is seen with six cups a day. In order to know what amount of coffee is most effective researchers will need to do prospective trials instead of the retrospective studies that have been done so far. In other words, the current evidence is based on people who enrolled in various long term studies and provided information over decades. Next researchers will need to convince large numbers of people to sign up for studies in which individuals agree to consume specific amounts of coffee, different for each sub group. Then the results will give us a dosage, so to speak. Also it is not always known if it is the caffeine in organic coffee or the organic coffee antioxidants that will cause the benefit. Separating the chemicals and testing each on a sub group of volunteers will help determine if the benefits of prescription grade organic coffee is from caffeine or antioxidants. In the meantime enjoy your organic coffee and the fact that it may well prolong your life.

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