Is Organic Food Safer?

The question, “Is organic food safer than non-organically grown food?” has been asked for many years. The fact is that organic food does cost more – a lot more. The only reason that anyone would pay double or triple the price for organically grown food is that they feel that it is safer for them and their families to consume, and that is it better for the environment as well.

The choice of whether to buy or not to buy organically grown food is, of course, a personal one that depends on your personal preferences, your values and your financial circumstances.

Here are the true facts about organic food:

1. Nutrition: There is no conclusive evidence that proves that organic food is more nutritious than food that is produced by the usual means. Even the USDA, who certifies that foods are organic, does not claim that organically produced food is more nutritional than their non-organic relatives.

2. Pesticides: The exposure to pesticides from non-organically grown fruits and vegetables is negligible according to researchers, and the health risk posed is very, very small. If the fruit and vegetables are washed before consumption, the risk is nonexistent.

3. Taste: Some people say that they can tell the difference between the taste of organic and non-organic food but taste is subjective. There are others who say that there is no taste difference at all.

4. Cost: The fact is that organically grown food is a lot more expensive than non-organically grown food.

5. Environment: Yes, using organic methods of food production are most certainly better for the environment. They reduce pollution and also conserve soil and water.

When you have the facts, you can make better decisions. Deciding to “go green” is a matter of personal choice.

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