Proof of Organic Food Health Benefits

We’ve all heard, maybe even accepted as fact, that organically grown foods are safer than regular commercially produced foods. We’ve heard that there are definite health benefits that we can gain simply by eating organically produced food products. But is there any proof anywhere that organically produced food really does provide health benefits and really is safer than any other food?

There is simply no disputing the fact that there are more cases of cancer now than there were even a few years ago. In the last 20 years, leukemia is up nearly 11%. In that same time frame, brain cancer has risen by 30% and bone cancer by 50%. Testicular cancer is up by a mind-blowing 60%. So what do these sad statistics have to do with the relationship between organic food and health?

Other statistics when seen in relation to the increased cancer statistics show the relationship. The studies were done with children as the test subjects but, last time I looked, children are the ones who grow up to be adults.

Kids whose parents work with pesticides are more likely to get leukemia and brain cancer. Other studies reveal that childhood leukemia is directly related to increased pesticide use around the home. Nine different studies that were reviewed by the National Cancer Institute showed a correlation between pesticide exposure and brain cancer.

Now just because all of these facts are not in dispute doesn’t mean that anybody is saying that there is direct PROOF that organically grown food provides any health benefits. Of course, the powers that be would never make such a statement. Can you imagine what would happen? There would be panic in the streets. The demand for organically produced food would overwhelm the food industry. Nobody is likely to make the sweeping statement that organically grown food is safer than commercially produced food – but you can draw your own conclusions.

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