Organic Coffee How To – Intro

The quality of life that we live now will ultimately affect future generations to live within a clean beautiful environment. In order to sustain our living within our natural resources, society will need to find ways to preserve those natural resources. The rain forest are a natural resource that is diminishing quickly. Statistics show a recent increase in deforestation by 64 percent in the last twelve months. The rampart deforestation activities are attributed to loggers and soy farmers alike pushing further into the rainforest and Amazon jungle. These deforestation activities are on the incline because of high commodity prices. These rainforest are primary growing fields for Shade Grown Organic Coffee.

Organic and shade grown coffee is grown in soil that has not been treated with chemical fertilizers for at least three years. The Coffee bean plants are planted utilizing natural compost fertilization methods within a canopy of shade. The shade canopy also becomes unique because many different tree heights allow the conditions to prevail housing for migrating birds and the like. The birds eat the insects from the coffee bean plants, which then prevents the use of any toxic and harmful pesticides. In order for plantation growers to provide these unique growing efforts in a responsible manner, organic standards have been implemented to certify organic producers are compliant with U. S. organic laws. It is prudent for society to learn why growing the organic way is good for the environment, and why one should support organically grown coffee products.

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