The Benefits of Eating Organic

How would you like to be healthier tomorrow than you are today and do nothing more dramatic than change where and from whom you purchase the food you eat? The obvious answer is, “tell me how.”

Changing eating habits, whether the objective is to lose weight or for other health advantages, is usually a painful process. You must “give up” something that you like in order to achieve whatever results you are seeking. The fact is, though, that it really is possible to gain a great many health benefits by doing nothing more than changing where and from whom you purchase you groceries.

It is absolutely true that foods produced using organic methods cost more than foods produced using conventional methods. There’s no doubt about it, and I’m not arguing that fact. But wouldn’t you rather pay a little more for the food that you eat than pay the doctor to treat you because the food you ate was loaded with toxic substances? The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies here.

Organically grown produce has much more trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in it than conventionally grown produce. That fact is not in dispute by anybody. Not only is organically grown produce better for you, but it doesn’t pose the dangers posed by conventionally grown produce, either. There are no toxic chemicals in or on organic produce – NONE! On conventionally raised produce, however, there are lots of chemicals that Mother Nature never meant for human consumption. Oh, the government sets “guidelines.” The levels of these toxins must be at or below a specific level that somebody somewhere deemed safe.

Do you know what’s in that beef you’re eating? I mean besides beef. There are antibiotics and growth hormones in it if it was raised using conventional ranching methods. There are none of those unhealthy substances in beef that was raised using organic methods, and that goes for chicken and all of the products that come from animals – cheese, cream, eggs, etc.

Yes indeed! There are many, many benefits from eating organic!

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