Lose Weight with Green Coffee Beans

A recent study reports that a group of overweight volunteers lost a significant amount of weight by taking a gram of green coffee bean extract daily for five months. Without any change to their diets or exercise regimen the volunteers were able to lose weight with green coffee beans as the only addition to their lives. Researchers reported that there were no unwanted side effects such as elevation of blood pressure or heart rate in the study volunteers. On the average each person lost ten pounds. Evidence of weight loss with green coffee beans is just one more fact added to the list of benefits of regular and healthy organic coffee.

Health Benefits of Coffee

For some time we have known that antioxidants in black organic coffee and regular coffee can reduce the cell damage that occurs with aging and retard the damage of atherosclerosis related inflammation. Drinking coffee appears to reduce the incidences of various cancers and cut the incidence of Type II diabetes in half. Now we see that you can also lose weight with green coffee beans. Here are a couple of snapshots of the health benefits of coffee

More Organic Coffee Can Lead to Less Diabetes

More organic coffee can lead to less diabetes. Drinking organic coffee reduces the incidence of Type II diabetes, the type that affects 95% of people with the disease. This has been known for some years but until recently no one really knew why. Now researchers at UCLA have found what may be the reason. It turns out that there is a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin. Its normal job is to regulate sex hormone activity in the human body. Researchers have long suspected that the same hormone has an effect on the development of Type II diabetes. How does organic coffee come into the picture? Drinking coffee increases the body’s levels of sex hormone-binding globulin. The end result is that steady coffee consumption over the years cuts the risk of this disease in half.

Drinking Organic Coffee Reduces Prostatic Cancer Risk

Recently released research reveals that drinking organic coffee reduces prostate cancer risk. In a just published study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that 47,911 men were followed from 1986 to 2006. During that time 5,035 developed prostate cancer including 642 cases of lethal prostate cancer, fatal or metastatic. Researchers compared men who drank six or more cups of coffee a day to those who did not drink coffee. The incidence of total prostate cancers per 100,000 person-years was 425 for the six a day coffee drinkers and 519 for those who did not drink coffee. The comparison for lethal cancers per 100,000 person years was 34 to 79. This study noted that the data applies to all coffee, including decaf. Thus drinking organic coffee reduces prostate cancer. Those drinking six or more cups a day had a nearly twenty percent reduction in risk of getting any form of prostate cancer. The same coffee drinkers had a 57% reduction in their risk of developing a lethal prostate cancer! Prior to seeing the results researchers believed that drinking coffee in general and drinking organic coffee reduces prostate cancer risk. This assumption was based on the fact that coffee contains caffeine as well as phenolic acids, the scientific term for organic coffee antioxidants. Similar results are seen for liver cancer, endometrial cancer, and possible colon cancer. Lose weight with green coffee beans and improve your chances of avoiding a whole host of bad diseases with a few cups of coffee every day.

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