The Bright Future for Organic Food

It’s been a long time coming, but this year more organic food will be produced than any year to date! It isn’t difficult to see why we are beginning to win this war. It all comes down to money – the almighty dollar. It’s simply becoming more profitable to farm and ranch using organic methods than it is to farm or ranch using conventional methods.

Farmers and ranchers can add and subtract. The fact is that those chemical fertilizers that they put on their crops cost money. (Fertilizer from compost piles is free, and so is the fertilizer from organically fed animal waste.) Those toxic pesticides cost money, too. (The good bugs that eat the bad bugs are free, too.) There’s a cheaper way, and that way is by using organic methods. Farmers and ranchers have discovered what we’ve been “preaching” for years – the land will stay more fertile, and it will produce more and better crops, if natural products are used.

Then there’s the little fact that those farmers and ranchers can get more money for organically produced food than they can for food that is produced using conventional methods. I told you they could add and subtract.

It is still difficult and costly for farms and ranches to be “certified” organic by the government. We don’t want the standards to be relaxed, but we are working toward making the process of being certified a little simpler and a little less costly.

Meanwhile, we can celebrate. There will be more organic food produced on more farms and ranches worldwide this year than there was last year. We believe that there will be more produced next year than this year. The future for organic food is indeed bright and getting brighter all the time.

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