Coffee Flavored Electronic Cigarettes

Here is a scary idea, coffee flavored electronic cigarettes! The point of our writing about healthy organic coffee is that coffee is generally good for you and organic coffee is free of many of the impurities that can creep into regular coffee. Now we understand that having a cigarette after a morning cup of coffee is still a routine for some folks. And we understand that many folks are trying to stop smoking and go the route of electronic cigarettes. But, PLEASE, give us a break! Coffee flavored electronic cigarettes???

Give Up Tobacco and Not Coffee

A friend of ours is trying, again, to quit smoking. She beat the habit for more than a decade but says that on a Saturday morning at home when she put down her cup of Panama mountain grown organic coffee that she still reached for her pack of cigarettes after a decade of not smoking. Then at a social event she was offered a cigarette and the next thing she knew she was up to a pack a day. So, our friend looked into electronic cigarettes as a way to wean herself off the habit and reduce her intake of carcinogens along the way. Now she tells us that electronic cigarette makers are offering all sorts of flavors to go with the nicotine cartridge that you put in the electronic cigarettes. There are tobacco flavors and menthol flavors, tea flavors and grape flavors, cherry, chocolate milk and cola flavors. But, now they are offering a coffee flavor. I beg your pardon!!! The whole idea of quitting tobacco smoking is healthy but you do not need or want to quit your coffee at the same time! Coffee is good for you. Keep repeating that.

Coffee, Not Coffee Flavored

A good reason for drinking organic coffee is the organic coffee antioxidants in the coffee. These chemicals have great health benefits including the reduction of various forms of cancer, Type II diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. You do not get any of these benefits from the coffee flavored electronic cigarettes. In fact where is the organic part of all this? You can buy organic tobacco for ceremonial use but no one is claiming that the nicotine or flavoring in coffee flavored electronic cigarettes is organic.

Stick with Your Organic Coffee and Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for you. Coffee is good for you. If you need help in quitting smoking and electronic cigarettes work for you go for it. But, PLEASE, do not mistake the fake flavor of coffee flavored electronic cigarettes for the rich flavor and aroma of Colombian brands of organic coffee. That is just WRONG! We wrote recently about three good reasons to drink coffee. Coffee reduces the incidence of several bad diseases and it perks you up. In fact it reduces the incidence of depression. Get rid of you coffee flavored electronic cigarettes and drink real healthy organic coffee. Realize the benefits of coffee consumption while you wean yourself off your tobacco habit.


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