Best Cup of Organic Coffee

As we come to the end of the soccer (futbol) world cup a few comparisons about coffee come to mind. First and foremost is the question of where to find the best cup of organic coffee in the world. There are certainly organic coffee competitions and a few years back a Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee won the prize.  But sometimes a given organic coffee is a sleeper. It does not compete on the world stage but rather in its own back yard. For a year or so I was convinced that the best cup of organic coffee could be had at the Juan Valdez coffee shop in the Eldorado air terminal in Bogotá. Then I tasted the organic coffee made by several other producers in the Colombian Eje Cafetero (coffee growing axis) and decided that Señor Valdez did not have a lock on the best cup of organic coffee in the world. Certainly Brazil produces more coffee than anyone else in the world but maybe, like their monumental loss to Germany, they have lost or never had a lock on the best cup of organic coffee in the world. As you can tell our preference is for the organic coffee from Panama when you can find it and the more bountiful supply of Colombian organic coffee brands.


Organic Coffee from Colombia

Organic Coffee Colombia

How to Decide on the Best Cup of Organic Coffee

I distrust coffee tasting competitions. For one thing when someone sets up a competition in their own back yard the whole thing is too easily rigged so that the home town favorite wins. And, tastes legitimately vary. If you really like a dark roast versus a light roast you might miss out on some aspects of an organic coffee that really shines when roasted lightly instead of burned to a crisp. As such the best cup of organic coffee for me might not be the best cup of organic coffee for you. In the end you need to taste test a variety of organic coffees. This is why we at Buy Organic Coffee are happy to send you a few samples to choose from.


Roasted Organic Coffee Beans

Roasted Organic Coffee Beans

Organic In Reality If Not in Certification

I recently had a chat with one of the producers of organic coffee in Panama. His coffee farm is near Boquete, Panama where they have been growing coffee by sustainable means for a century. He reiterated his story about paying $500 a year for Bio Latina certification only to find out that he did not have to change his farming practices and that he did not profit from the experience. He always sold out his crop and did not find any buyers willing to pay higher prices. So he still grows his great organic coffee the way he always has but without the USDA sticker on the bag. In this regard, as well if you are looking for the best cup of organic coffee from Colombia or Panama, check in with the folks who deal locally and know where folks produce organic coffee by sustainable means even when they do not bother to change their label.

The Best Organic Coffee is Shade Grown with the Birds

The Best Organic Coffee Provides Bird Habitat


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