How Much Caffeine Does Colombian Coffee Have?

Colombia produces the best Arabica coffee in large quantities in the world. Arabica coffee is where gourmet coffee comes from. Flavor and aroma of this coffee are prized by coffee lovers throughout the world. Robusta coffee, on the other hand, is the workhorse for producing the caffeine found in caffeinated beverage everywhere. Because Colombia produces Arabica coffee it leads in flavor and aroma and is less likely to leave you with an unpleasant buzz from too much caffeine. So, just how much caffeine does Colombian coffee have versus coffee from Vietnam, for example, which is primarily Robusta?

Caffeine Content of Coffee Beans looks at how much caffeine is in a coffee bean. Caffeine levels in coffee can vary dramatically by the type of bean and how much it’s roasted. Even different beans taken from the same bush can have different amounts of caffeine. The way coffee is prepared will also affect how much of the bean’s caffeine winds up in your cup.

A typical Arabica bean contains 1.2 percent to 1.8 percent caffeine. Canephora, also called robusta, contains as much 50 percent more caffeine than Arabica beans, reaching as much as 2.4 percent.

With either variety a dark roast process will reduce caffeine content by ten to fifteen percent. And preparation makes a difference. A single serving Arabica espresso will have 30 to 50 milligrams of caffeine and an eight ounce cup of Arabica via the drip method can have as much as 200 milligrams of caffeine, less concentrated but more volume. Espresso or drip coffee using Robusta will give your about fifty percent more caffeine.

Coffee Chemistry reports on the caffeine in coffee as well.

In Arabica coffee, caffeine content averages at 1.2% while Robusta at 2.2%. It is believed that this larger level of caffeine allows for robusta plants to thrive in more hostile environments as caffeine acts as a chemosterilant for insects.

They also report that among sub-varieties Arabica ranges from a low for Laurina and a high for Catuai while for Robusta the Laurenti variety has about 60% of the caffeine in the Robusta sub-variety.

Great Coffee with Less Caffeine

If you like your coffee but hate the jitters, drink high quality coffee from Colombia. You will need to drink less coffee to get your coffee flavor and aroma and will get about half as much caffeine per cup than if you drink robusta which is commonly included in high end European coffee blends. And some espresso blends include Robusta because it holds the crema head better. In general if you want Arabica coffee you can be assured if you buy coffee or origin from Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania or Kenya as none of these regions grow Robusta coffee. You certainly want to avoid Death Wish Coffee if lots of caffeine gives you the shakes.

So, how much caffeine does Colombian coffee have? High quality Colombian Arabica coffee contains 30-50 milligrams per single espresso serving and up to 200 milligrams in an 8 ounce cup depending on sub-variety and degree of roasting.

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