Organic Alternatives to Coffee

If for some reason you don’t like or cannot drink coffee what are some organic alternatives to coffee? Mind Body Green has a few suggestions.

Here are five healthy coffee alternatives that will give you a morning boost without the adrenal crash.

Hot Maca

A couple of tablespoons of maca blended in a cup of warm almond milk, with a splash of raw honey and ground cinnamon is a delicious way to start the morning.

Dandelion Herbal Coffee Blend

This is the closest to coffee flavor that you’ll get. Roasted dandelion, chicory root and maca come together to give you a fairly close rendition.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is all the rage right now. It’s been touted as a superior antioxidant, detoxifier and energy booster.

Lemon Water

Not like coffee, but waking up with a cup of warm lemon water gently wakes up your liver and kicks off your system on the right foot.

Organic, Single-Origin Coffee

Poorly sourced coffee contains mycotoxins (mold) that make your coffee less healthy.

Our take on the subject is that if you are getting too much of a buzz from your coffee it is not all that hard to cut back on the caffeine. First of all cut out the Death Wish and the rest of the world’s strongest coffees. Robusta coffee has a lot more caffeine than Arabica so stick with high quality Arabica coffee from Colombia. Consider buying directly from the source in places like Manizales, Colombia.

Manizales was founded in the mid-19th century by 14 families who moved into this mountainous region specifically to grow coffee. They are now known as the founders or Fundadores. The local upscale mall is the Fundadores and a large local grocery store is La 14 in reference to the founders. Coffee culture is everywhere and Manizales is the home of the Colombian Coffee Growers Association. There are large coffee roasting companies everywhere but our focus is on the small family operations. We visited one such company recently. Dad came from Tolima, Colombia a generation ago and founded a tilladora. This word translates as thresher in Google but is the operation for removal of the husk on the green coffee bean before roasting.

Directly from the Colombian Coffee Processor to You

If you are interested in high quality wholesale green coffee or Arabica coffee just picked, processed and roasted contact us today. And take a look at our coffee price list for select coffees from Panama as well. Cutting out the middleman is a good way to assure good quality organic coffee free from impurities and high in healthy antioxidants.

A study by the Australian Food Standards Authority revealed that as many as 133 contaminants may be in a cup of commercially available coffee. These contaminants include metals such as aluminum and zinc, pesticide residues, ochratoxin A, acrylamide, furan, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are found to cause cancer. Furans have been associated with skin disorders, liver problems, certain kinds of cancers, impairment to the reproductive, endocrine, and immune system, as well as effects on embryonic development.

Stick with organic coffee, Arabica and from Colombia.

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