What Are Some Organic Coffee Brands

If you have decided that healthy organic coffee is a better choice than regular you may be wondering what are some organic coffee brands? Our primary interest lies in coffee from Colombia where Arabica coffee reigns supreme. A couple of Colombian organic coffee brands that you might find on your grocer’s shelf are Juan Valdez and Oma.

Juan Valdez

This name started as a fictional character representing the Colombian coffee farmer. The Colombian National Federation of Coffee Growers has used the likeness of a coffee farmer with a mule since 1958. If you coffee has Juan Valdez on the label the coffee is 100% Colombian. More recently there has been a Juan Valdez coffee brand available in Aruba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Spain, Kuwait and the USA as well as in Colombia. In fact you can easily find Juan Valdez coffee shops in the heart of the coffee growing region in cities like Manizales.


OMA is a German word for grandma. The company was founded by German immigrants in 1970 in Bogota, the 8 million person capital of Colombia. Oma has coffee shops all over Colombia and you can find OMA coffee in the USA as well. If you would like to try OMA coffee and cannot find it let us know and we will be glad to help you receive a shipment direct from the roaster in Bogota.

Organic Coffee Direct from the Eje Cafetero

The coffee roasters who sell organic coffee do not grow the coffee themselves. Rather they pay organic coffee farmers for their product. If you are looking to try really fresh Colombian organic coffee from the coffee growing district of central-west Colombia we are glad to help you out. We can supply coffee lovers with small orders or shipping containers full of coffee. See our coffee price list for details.

Our best and most reliable source of high quality organic coffee is the coffee growing region of Colombia, the Eje Cafetero.

Our best price is for orders of 1,800 pounds or more. Shipped in 5.5 pound bags (2.5 kilos) this comes to 360 bags of USDA certified roasted whole organic coffee beans.

We will be pleased to have coffee in large quantities shipped directly to you anywhere in the world.

As an example a recent price quote for this quantity of organic coffee, air freight to Houston is $18,861.70.

Cafe Organico, 2.5 kilo bags (5.5 pounds) – USDA Organic and other certifications:

Cost for 360 bags = $18,861.70

Cost per bag = $52.39

Cost per kilo = $20.96

Cost per pound = $9.53

Prices change with the base price of regular coffee. The largest markup for coffee is the roasting so if you want green coffee and roast your own we can help with shipments of virtually any size.

Green Coffee

Buy Organic Coffee can also help you with large shipments of green coffee from Colombia.

We would be pleased to offer quotes for a 20 foot shipping container and arrange for shipping to you.

Contact us via our Contact Us page.

If you wish to buy and then resell in the USA or elsewhere, we can also help with unique packaging for your product.

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