Best Organic Coffee to Buy Online

There are lots of healthy organic coffees and many are available online. But, which are the best? What are the factors you should take into consideration when looking for the best organic coffee to buy online? In our recent article about the best organic coffee to buy, we noted the factors to consider when purchasing high quality coffee.

Fresh Is Best

The freshest coffee is from green coffee beans just picked and dried.

When the coffee cherries have been properly dried they are sent to a mill where the hull of the cherry is removed, the green coffee beans are graded for quality, and bagged. Coffee is then shipped in hundred weight bags, a quintal. Healthy organic coffee is produced and processed much the same as ordinary coffee but lots must be segregated in order to maintain purity. Many of the beneficial health aspects of coffee are due to antioxidants found both in green coffee beans and produced in the roasting process. Once coffee is roasted the shelf life for flavor, aroma, and antioxidants is reduced from two years to six months, if roasted coffee is properly stored.

If you purchase green coffee beans shipped directly from collection points in Colombia you benefit from extreme freshness. Green coffee beans are good for a couple of years but newer is fresher and better. And if you really do not want to roast your own coffee consider coffee roasted at the source and shipped air freight directly to you in usable quantities every month or so. And if you ask us at Buy Organic Coffee to help you find a supplier in Colombia you are on the road to the next step in getting the best organic coffee to buy.

The fresher your organic coffee the better it will be but you need to start with a high quality coffee and that means Arabica coffee beans.

There are two basic species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is generally believed to be the first type of coffee to be cultivated. So, if you buy Arabica organic coffee you are buying into a tradition stretching back over a thousand years. The so called coffee shrub of Africa is believed to have originated in the mountains of Yemen although there is also evidence that the species originated in the highlands of Ethiopia and the Sudan. When you buy Arabica organic coffee you are choosing the species of coffee with superior taste according to many experts. Café Arabica also contains less caffeine than Robusta. Although wild Arabica coffee plants can reach 12 meters in height coffee growers typically prune the plant to no more than 5 meters and often as short as 2 meters high to make the coffee easier to pick. Arabica coffee grows best at just under a mile in altitude although it is grown at sea level and as high as 7,500 feet.

And, the best Arabica coffee is coffee from Colombia. And, if you are looking for great coffee from Colombia, fresh from the source, contact us at

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