Do You Need a Fancy Machine to Make Great Coffee?

The other day we ran across and article on the internet about high tech gizmos for making coffee. The Stranger writes that the future of coffee is in Seattle’s coffee machines.

The Mavam UCEM espresso machine looks unlike any espresso machine you have ever seen. When it was released, coffee executives from Japan and Europe flocked to a garage in Seattle to see its unveiling.

The UCEM is one of a wave of Seattle-made espresso machines sweeping the world. Companies like Mavam, Slayer, and Synesso are designing and fabricating some of the industry’s most sought-after espresso machines, and thanks to our proximity to these businesses, you can taste the future of espresso without leaving the city limits.

But, do you need a fancy machine to make great coffee? A great cup of java starts with healthy organic coffee.

Start the day with a hot cup of healthy organic coffee and you can receive a number of health benefits. Healthy organic coffee contains calcium. It contains antioxidants such as polyphenols which are also called condensed tannins and help prevent tooth decay in addition to their antioxidant activity. The antioxidant properties of a healthy cup of organic coffee include the ability to lessen age associated cellular damage, prevent new blood vessel formation in cancerous tissue, and inhibit the long term inflammation seen in atherosclerosis. Ongoing research points to uses of polyphenols as treatments for specific age related conditions. And all of this from a cup of healthy organic coffee!

Our point is that great coffee starts with the ingredients! Arabica coffee from Colombia is the place to start.

There are two basic species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is generally believed to be the first type of coffee to be cultivated. So, if you buy Arabica organic coffee you are buying into a tradition stretching back over a thousand years. The so called coffee shrub of Africa is believed to have originated in the mountains of Yemen although there is also evidence that the species originated in the highlands of Ethiopia and the Sudan. When you buy Arabica organic coffee you are choosing the species of coffee with superior taste according to many experts.

In Colombia they only grow high quality Arabica coffee.

Fresh Is Best

The flavor and to a degree the health benefits of coffee are best when the coffee is fresh. The idea way to guarantee fresh coffee is to have green coffee beans shipped directly to you from the source in the coffee growing axis of Colombia. Green coffee beans retain their freshness for up to two years when properly stored, although the best is when the beans are less than a month old. Roasted whole bean coffee is your second choice for great coffee. Again these can be roasted at the source and shipped to you from the source.

Fancy Coffee

Coffee house coffee comes from espresso so you need an espresso maker. And heating the milk for latte or cappuccino is easier with a fancy coffee maker. So, for the folks who run coffee shops, it is best to start with the freshest Arabica coffee. Then a fancy machine may be the next step.

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