How Can You Get Freshly Roasted Colombian Coffee?

The best coffee is Arabica and the best Arabica coffee comes from Colombia.

There are two basic species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is generally believed to be the first type of coffee to be cultivated. When you buy Arabica organic coffee you are choosing the species of coffee with superior taste according to many experts. Café Arabica also contains less caffeine than Robusta. Although wild Arabica coffee plants can reach 12 meters in height coffee growers typically prune the plant to no more than 5 meters and often as short as 2 meters high to make the coffee easier to pick. Arabica coffee grows best at just under a mile in altitude although it is grown at sea level and as high as 7,500 feet.

The Colombian coffee growing region known as the Eje Cafetero has ideal soil and climate for growing coffee and the coffee farmers in the region have been growing high quality Arabica coffees for a century and a half. So, if you want great Arabica coffee, look for coffee from Colombia.

Juan Valdez

If you want to make sure the coffee you buy at the market is Colombian look for Juan Valdez. Juan Valdez is a fictional character invented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Association. When you see Juan of the label you can be assured that the coffee is 100% Colombian. But how can you be assured that the coffee is fresh?

Coffee Freshness: Green Coffee

The coffee that you buy has been dried, had the fruit of the coffee berry removed and has been threshed to remove the outer husk of the bean. At that point the green coffee beans are at their freshest and when properly stored and transported green coffee retains a reasonable degree of freshness for up to two years. Coffee house coffee is made from freshly roasted green coffee beans. But, how old are the green beans? If the coffee house got a great deal on old beans they are making a better profit and you are drinking inferior coffee!

Coffee Freshness: Roasted Coffee

There is an art to roasting coffee. When we visited the roaster at Tilladora Manizales last year the roaster explained that perhaps one out of five batches that he roasts ends up being sold to institutions instead of high end buyers. And the freshness of roasted coffee lasts for up to six months when properly stored. Most of us do not have the skill, time, or interest to roast our own coffee. And we do not know how long ago the coffee that we are buying was roasted. So, how can you get fresh and freshly roasted Colombian coffee if you do not live in the Eje Cafetero?

Buy Organic Coffee to the Rescue

If you would like coffee that was just picked and processed and has been roasted within the last week or so contact us at We work with coffee roasters in places like Manizales or Chinchina in the heart of the Eje Cafetero. Order your coffee and we will have our partners select the freshest coffee beans, roast them to perfection, and send to your via express air delivery. That is how you can get freshly roasted Colombian coffee.

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