Organic Coffee for Sale

Where can you find organic coffee for sale and how can you know that it is high quality and fresh? The best organic coffee comes from places like Colombia. Arabica coffee is the gold standard for quality but you also want fresh beans and not ones that were in storage for years. And to make sure that your Arabica coffee is organic look for proof of organic coffee certification on the bag.

Organic coffee differs from regular coffee in several aspects. The soil in which organic coffee is grown must have been verified as free from prohibited substances for at least three years. In addition there must be distinct boundaries between land on which organic coffee is grown and land where pesticides, herbicides, and prohibited chemical fertilizers are used. This guarantees that drift of substances sprayed or otherwise applied on adjacent land will not contaminate the organic plot of land. Organic coffee certification includes the adherence to a specific and verifiable plan for all practices and procedures from planting to crop maintenance, to harvest, de-husking, bagging, transport, roasting, packaging, and final transport. Along the way procedures must be in place at every step to insure that there is no contamination of the healthy organic coffee produced in pristine soil with regular coffee produced on soil exposed to herbicides, pesticides, and organic fertilizers.

There are many great coffees grown by organic methods but your only proof of organic content is the USDA, UTZ or Rainforest Alliance seal on the bag. That means someone visited the coffee farm and checked to make sure the farmer was following set guidelines.

Old versus Fresh

A few years ago coffee farmers in Brazil put coffee beans into storage rather than sell them because prices were so low. Then, after a few years, coffee prices went up and coffee farmers sold every bean that they had. Unfortunately, a lot of that old coffee was only good for sale to institutional buyers. In our recent article about organic coffee with the most antioxidants we wrote about the importance of coffee freshness.

And, before that, we wrote about how to get freshly roasted Colombian coffee.

Buy Organic Coffee to the Rescue

If you would like coffee that was just picked and processed and has been roasted within the last week or so contact us at We work with coffee roasters in places like Manizales or Chinchina in the heart of the Eje Cafetero. Order your coffee and we will have our partners select the freshest coffee beans, roast them to perfection, and send to your via express air delivery. That is how you can get freshly roasted Colombian coffee.

If you want the best organic coffee for sale, send us a message at We will be pleased to find the best organic coffee for sale in Colombia where they grow the best coffee. And then we will arrange to have that great organic or otherwise great Colombian coffee sent directly to you whether you are interested in green coffee beans or recently roasted.

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