How Does Coffee Block the Effects of Marijuana?

We have commented on many scientific studies relating to the health effects of drinking coffee. However, the bulk of these studies use reported coffee intake and reported health results. They are associative studies and do not get to the mechanics of how coffee with its antioxidants and caffeine may be helping people live longer, have better sex, or improve athletic performance. This may be about to change. Researchers at Northwestern University have been looking deeply into the metabolic effects of drinking coffee. Live Science reports on a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine and comments that coffee could be the opposite of cannabis. In short, how does coffee block the effects of marijuana?

According to a new study, your morning Joe causes a drop in the levels of certain substances that are linked to the body’s system for responding to marijuana.

The levels of these substances – metabolites found in what’s known as the endocannabinoid system – decrease in people who drink between four and eight cups of coffee a day, according to the study, published today (March 15) in the Journal of Internal Medicine. Endocannabinoids are molecules that bind to cannabinoid receptors, which are found all over the nervous system, as well as in immune and endocrine tissue. The body makes its own endocannabinoids, but it also responds to foreign cannabinoids, like the ones found in the leaves of plants of the Cannabis genus.

How Does Coffee Block the Effects of Marijuana?

It would appear that drinking coffee hastens the breakdown of metabolites of cannabis. Thus, coffee blocks the effects of marijuana by getting rid of it faster from the body.

In addition, the study noted effects of coffee on steroid metabolites as well and the author commented on how these effects may help explain how coffee affects the incidence of Type II diabetes and various kinds of cancer.

Do You Really Need to Understand the Science to Enjoy and Benefit from the Coffee?

When you start your car in the morning you really do not want to have to worry about or understand the function of every piece of equipment under the hood. And when you make your morning coffee or buy a cup at the coffee house you do not need to understand the metabolic results of drinking your cup of Java.

The value of the associative studies that we have reported is that they tell you what the bottom line is. Which is to say, if you drink coffee you will probably live longer than if you do not. If you drink coffee the benefits are more pronounced if you are more than 50 years old. And, there are a whole host of bad diseases which you will be less likely to get if you are a coffee drinker, with the best benefits being in the four to six cups a day range.

What Do You Do?

Coffee is good for you. And the science is getting better to explain just why that is. In the meantime, drink Arabica organic coffee instead of regular in order to avoid the more than 100 impurities that may be found in regular coffee. And the best Arabica coffee, organic or not, typically comes from Colombia. Check with us at Buy Organic Coffee for the details.

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