Organic Coffee Calms The Heart

Drinking coffee which includes organic coffee calms the heart according to a recent medical study. This finding was surprising to some as it has long been known that large amounts of caffeine, such as is found in coffee, can increase the heart rate. Patients with heart rhythm problems have commonly been told by their doctors to reduce caffeine sources such as coffee. However, now we hear that coffee including organic coffee calms the heart. What the study found is that coffee in the amounts usually consumed by coffee drinkers seems to result in a nearly twenty percent reduction in hospitalization for heart rhythm problems. The amount of coffee required for a twenty percent reduction is four or more cups of coffee a day. This is only one of the useful facts about organic coffee.

Members of the Kaiser Permanente health care plan typically answer questions such as how much coffee they drink when having their yearly physical exams. The study in question looked at more than twenty years of data for over a hundred thousand people. Patients in this group ranged from those who drank no coffee to those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day. The four or more cup of coffee a day group had the lowest incidence of hospitalizations for cardiac rhythm disturbances with a twenty percent reduction. Half of the folks hospitalized for rhythm disturbances had atrial fibrillation which is a stroke risk factor. People who drank one to three cups of coffee a day also had a reduced risk of being hospitalized for heart rhythm disturbances of about seven percent. According to the study the findings were the same in males, females, and all defined ethnic groups. So, coffee in normal amounts can reduce the incidence of hospitalizations for heart rhythm disturbance. Organic coffee has the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee so we say that organic coffee calms the heart. This is not the only benefit of drinking healthy organic coffee.

Medical research has shown that more organic coffee can lead to less diabetes and that drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression. Organic coffee is grown, processed, and transported in such a way as to reduce the number of contaminants seen in regular coffee. Organic coffee promotes sustainable agriculture and improves the standard of living of small coffee growers in all parts of the world. Social responsibility and organic coffee go hand in hand. Usually we think of organic coffee antioxidants as being responsible for the beneficial effects of coffee in general and organic coffee in particular. However, in the case where organic coffee calms the heart, it may be just the caffeine. The researchers admit that they really do not know. They state the results are statistically valid. In other words, the results of the reduction in hospitalizations for heart rhythm disturbances, in coffee drinkers, is not a matter of chance. What they do not know is if the effects are due to the caffeine, antioxidants, or other ingredients in coffee. That will require more study. In the meantime enjoy your morning, mid-day, afternoon, and evening cups of coffee for it appears that coffee, including healthy organic coffee calms the heart.

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