Buy Organic Coffee

For the best combination of coffee flavor, healthy antioxidants, and purity buy organic coffee. When you buy organic coffee you help the environment and family coffee growers in remote parts of the world. Healthy organic coffee has fewer, or none, of the hundred and fifty or so contaminants found in regular coffee. What it still has are the natural chemicals that help prevent Type II diabetes and reduce the incidence of prostate cancer, colon cancer, and endometrial cancer. All of that from a good cup of organic coffee.

When you buy organic coffee make sure to look for evidence of organic coffee certification on the package. USDA organic coffee is certified by the Department of Agriculture or one of their affiliates. For example, an agency in Lima, Peru certifies much of the organic coffee and other organic food production throughout Latin America. Bio Latina organic coffee certification means that someone from their agency has personally visited the coffee farm or plantation where your coffee originated. They have also certified processing, storage, and shipping. This is no mean feat as much of the organic coffee in Latin America is grown on mountain slopes as steep as 70 degrees. Certifying organic coffee from a small grower or cooperative may mean flying to Bogota, Colombia, driving all day through mountainous terrain and then going by burro or on foot through a cloud forest to the coffee farm. It also means not only speaking Spanish but also any of a number of regional indigenous dialects.

When you see a USDA seal or seal of a certifying agency such as Bio Latina on the package when you buy organic coffee you can rest assured that you are getting organic coffee. Organic coffee is grown using sustainable agricultural practices. Growing Shade grown organic coffee helps preserve natural habitat for birds and small animals. The use of natural composting and spacing of plants helps avoid the use of toxic herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that can too often be found in regular coffee. For a coffee grower to maintain his certification he must demonstrate on a regular basis that his growing practices, processing, storage, and shipping all conform to organic standards. He may not comingle regular coffee with organic coffee, for example. Some the best coffee in the world, such as Panama mountain grown organic coffee, is grown by families that have used the same patient and careful growing techniques for generations. Many of these growers did not have to change their way of growing coffee in order to obtain and maintain certification. They simply needed to demonstrate how they have grown and processed coffee for generations.

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