Single Origin Coffee from Colombia

Colombia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of high-quality Arabica coffee in the world. Coffee from Colombia finds its way into virtually every country. But, what if you are interested in single origin coffee from Colombia? There are growers throughout the departments of Caldas, Tolima, Risaralda, Quindío, and Huila who grow specific coffee varieties. These unique high-quality coffees are sometimes certified as organic coffee and almost all of them are organic in fact even when not certified. If you need single origin coffee from Colombia, contact Buy Organic Coffee by sending an email to

What Is Single Origin Coffee?

Single origin means that all of the coffee beans that went into your cup of coffee came from the same place. Sometimes “single origin” means it all came from the same country or region within a country. If you buy coffee with Juan Valdez on the label it is 100% Colombian coffee and is “single origin” from Colombia. And, you can buy coffee from Tolima, Huila, or the historic heart of the Colombian coffee-growing region, Caldas.

By narrowing down the region you are more likely find to coffee that is all grown in a similar climate, type of soil, and with similar coffee-growing methods. The gold standard for single origin coffee is coffee that is all from the same coffee farm or, from the same local coffee cooperative that services a small sub-region.

Many times the coffee farms that provide single origin coffee can only provide a ton or two of their excellent coffee but the coop can help multiply that supply by providing coffee from several farms with similar growing conditions and the same coffee varieties. For example, the pink bourbon coffee that we supply comes from Huila which is the only region in Colombia where this variety can be found in any quantity.

Finding Single Origin Coffee

There are two issues when you want to find single origin coffee. One is that not all coffee farmers can provide unique coffee varieties. Much of the coffee in Colombia, for example, is a mix of Arabica varieties and comes to the standard of “usual good quality” or UGQ. It is probably excelso which means a larger bean size and higher, export quality. You may need to go to the region in question to talk to the local coffee cooperatives or individual coffee farmers to find out what varieties they grow and how carefully they preserve their unique coffee varieties.

What Is Pink Bourbon Coffee - Nevado del Huila
Nevado del Huila – Tallest Volcano in Colombia

And, in many regions of the tropics around the globe finding great single source coffee involves going to the individual countries and trekking throughout the mountains to find coffee farmers. In our case, Buy Organic Coffee has a presence in Manizales, Colombia and the closest coffee cooperatives are in the city and within twenty to thirty miles of our shop. We also know coffee growers and processors throughout the coffee growing region of Colombia and routinely deal with growers as far away as the southern reaches of the Department of Huila in the shade of the tallest volcano in Colombia, Nevado del Huila (17,500 feet) as opposed to Caldas where the tallest, still-active volcano, Nevado del Ruiz, is only 15,500 feet tall.

Single Origin Coffee from Colombia - Nevado del Ruiz
Nevado del Ruiz – Tallest Volcano if Department of Caldas, Colombia

Why Is the Origin of Coffee Important?

Bean origin matters. The type of soil (usually volcanic), climate (high mountain, lots of rain and overcast), production and process methods handed down through families for generations, and the unique varieties all give you unique flavor, aroma, and aftertaste. If you are interested in true artisanal coffee and especially wholesale artisanal coffee from Colombia, contact us at Buy Organic Coffee by sending an email to As we commonly mention, there are lots of great coffees in the world. The advantage of coffee from Colombia is that you get a lot more great Arabica coffee from this region than from anywhere else. And, if you are interested in single origin coffee, we can find a source for you right from the historic heart of the Colombian coffee growing region, Caldas, or from anywhere else in the coffee growing axis (Eje Cafetero).

Pink Bourbon Coffee Finca La Paula
Pink Bourbon Coffee, Finca La Paula, Huila, Colombia

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