Stay Healthy with Organic Coffee

In a world all too full of toxins and other bad things there are still ways to avoid threats to your health. One way is to stay healthy with organic coffee. There are two general factors here. One is that organic coffee is free of the up to 150 impurities that can be found in regular coffee. The other is that there are many health benefits to be derived from drinking coffee. Stay healthy with organic coffee and you can reap the health benefits of organic coffee antioxidants as well as caffeine and avoid the downside of regular coffee impurities. That having been said let us look first at how to stay healthy with organic coffee and then the advantages of avoiding regular coffee.

Drinking Organic Coffee Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

Recently released research says that that drinking organic coffee reduces prostate cancer risk. In a just published study 47,911 men were followed from 1986 to 2006. During that time 5,035 developed prostate cancer including 642 cases of lethal prostate cancer, fatal or metastatic. Researchers compared men who drank six or more cups of coffee a day to those who did not drink coffee. The incidence of total prostate cancers per 100,000 person-years was 425 for the six a day coffee drinkers and 519 for those who did not drink coffee. The comparison for lethal cancers per 100,000 person years was 34 to 79. Coffee drinkers had a 57% reduction in their risk of developing a lethal prostate cancer!

More Organic Coffee Can Lead to Less Colon Cancer

It turns out that one of the antioxidants obtained during the process of roasting organic coffee may well reduce the risk of getting colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in the USA. Methylpyridium is produced as a breakdown product of the antioxidant trigonelline during the roasting process for organic coffee. Phase II enzymes help us avoid getting colon cancer. The higher the level of phase two enzymes you have the lower your risk is of getting colon cancer. The methylpyridium produced as a natural byproduct of roasting organic coffee raises phase II enzyme levels.

More Organic Coffee Can Lead to Less Diabetes

Drinking organic coffee reduces the incidence of Type II diabetes, the type that affects 95% of people with the disease. There is a protein, sex hormone-binding globulin which regulates sex hormone activity in the human body. Researchers believe that this hormone has an effect on the development of Type II diabetes. Drinking coffee increases the body’s levels of sex hormone-binding globulin. Drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day, with caffeine, reduces Type II diabetes incidence by 56%, more than half.

And More Benefits Plus Purity

Besides reducing the risk of various specific diseases drinking coffee appears to help the immune system, reduce inflammation associated with atherosclerosis, and also suppress several other cancers. So, stay healthy with organic coffee because it helps inhibit or prevent various diseases. And, stay healthy with organic coffee because organically grown coffee does not use herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. Organic coffee growers use sustainable practices that have worked for centuries, long before pesticides and herbicides. Buy organic coffee and avoid all of the junk that can arrive unannounced in a cup of regular coffee.

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