Organic Food and Green Living

“Green” and “eco-friendly” are the buzz words that you are seeing and hearing everywhere today. There’s a good reason. Our planet – the ground under our feet and the sky above us – is in trouble. Pollution is real, and pollution is everywhere.

The human race is using up the natural resources of the earth that are nonrenewable. There is a finite supply of oil, gas, and coal. When what is here is gone, there won’t be any more. We are polluting the soil that grows crops, the water that gives life, and the very air we breathe. The icecaps are melting. If we don’t blow ourselves up, we will surely poison ourselves unless we all wake up and start insisting that the world be treated in a kinder and gentler way.

Going organic in the food that we eat is a good first step. It might not seem like only one person or one family can make a difference, but they can. When enough individuals and families demand organically grown food, more food will be grown organically – less chemical fertilizer will be used, and less toxic pesticides will be used, and the world will get a little cleaner.

Eating organically produced food is not the only step that needs to be taken, though. We – all of us – need to insist on green cleaning products. Every year millions and millions of gallons of toxic cleaning products enter our streams and our rivers. The fish that we eat are exposed to these toxins and the animals that live in the wild are exposed to these toxins.

We can insist that the clothing that we wear is made from plants that aren’t treated with harsh chemicals and from animals that are not fed growth hormones. The earth isn’t going to heal itself; we all have to insist that our world be cared for and treated with the respect it deserves – and needs.

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