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Those engaged in online coffee sales may be coffee roasters, coffee farmers selling wholesale coffee as green coffee beans, or simply business people looking to tack a percentage or fifty onto the price of a bag of coffee before sending it to you. What are the benefits of online coffee sales and what are the drawbacks for the consumer?

Finding the Coffee That You Like

Are you looking for Healthy Organic Coffee? If you cannot find your favorite organic or other coffee where you live and the closest coffee roasters do not carry it either, online coffee sales may be the only way to go. If that is the case be specific with your search criteria. For example, Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee as a search term brings up a great deal of useful information, not only about coffee from Panama, but also about specific growers, organic coffee certification in Latin America, and whom you can order Panamanian coffee from.

Google Colombian Organic Coffee Brands and you will likewise get a lot of useful information about Colombian coffee brands, how not to try to mail coffee out of Colombia (you cannot), and how when you fly out of Colombia they will pin prick your coffee bags so that the mechanical drug sniffer as well as the really big German Sheppard in the Bogotá airport can check it. If you want your Colombian coffee you need to fly to Manizales in the Colombian Cafetero (coffee growing region) and ask for “un tintico” or rely on online coffee sales.

Is It the Real Deal or a Pricey Imitation?

Beware of whom you are dealing with in online coffee sales. Some time back there was an article in the news about a guy in California selling Kona Coffee online. Regular Kona and organic Kona coffee are both expensive. They come from the island of Kona in the Hawaiian Island chain. The law in Hawaii prohibits labeling coffee as Kona coffee unless it is grown and processed in Hawaii. The guy in the news report seems to have missed the point. He was bagging up cheap coffee from the supermarket and selling it through online coffee sales as Kona coffee. He ended up in court and lost. In the meantime lots of coffee lovers probably decided that Kona coffee was not as good as it was cracked up to be. Be careful whom you dealing with in online coffee sales.

How do you avoid scams in online coffee sales? If there is someone that you can talk to, a way of checking that the coffee you are paying for is the coffee that you are getting you are probably OK. If you know the folks you are buying from but no longer live near the roaster, online coffee sales from your favorite roaster may bring back nice memories. And, of course, if you are buying an expensive brand of coffee online it should taste great and have a great aroma. If not try another brand and another seller.

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